Yesterday My Beloved and I headed north to check the cottage one more time now that all the leaves are down and pull the last boat out of the water to be stored for the winter.

We had already done all the real closing up work three weeks ago.
...The summer blinds were already taken down,
...Replaced with sheets over the windows. These old cotton bed sheets work as painting drop cloths in the summer and window coverings in the winter. They yield a soft, creamy white light inside the cottage...
... on everything clustered away from the windows to avoid sun damage.
...This sign Number One Son made with his wood burning set years ago to let people know when the washroom was occupied suddenly had a new meaning when I saw it as we were about to leave yesterday for the last time this season.

Closed. Fermé.

A la printemps! See you in the spring little cottage!


Brenda said...

Aah. It feels so sad. But on the other had - I love the seasonal changes and seasonal activities that get put to bed to be awakened again next season.

Sandra said...

the joys of road access and winterized cottages - we'll be there for New Year's, and I can't wait!

elizabeth said...

It still looks lovely!

Lorraine said...

I love cottages- you are so lucky.