Re Entry

Today is my first day at home since early August and about the 6th day I've spent here in the city since the end of June.

The summer was a wild, non-stop ride.

We had only two weekends without guests staying with us, and had two full weeks with house guests as well. When there wasn't someone staying with us we spent many late afternoons/dinners hosting local friends. We put about 100 hours on the ski boat (just for reference, the average ski school ski boat runs about 150 hours per summer!) As you know, we got a 4 month old puppy that demanded more than a wee bit of time and energy.

With lots of help from Number One Son, My Beloved and I stained and painted the entire exterior of the cottage, re-carpeted the interior or the boat we use to get back and forth to our car and cleared a large quantity of overgrowth from around the cottage.

(After my brother's passing last spring we did nothing last summer and you just can't let things go at a cottage. The reason for all the company was essentially the same.)

Can you just feel the report on a stunning lack of knitting that must be coming?

My usual early morning knitting time became racing the dog outside to avoid accidents, walking and feeding him after that and being an early morning spotter in the ski boat - again with dog along for the ride and needing to be trained on how to behave in an alternately lurching and speeding open boat.

I didn't have any time during the day with everything that was going on and in the evenings skiing also reigned supreme both before and after dinner as the water calmed down. Then as I sat down after everything was done I would fight to stay awake a few minutes and then it was lights out by 10:00 at the latest.

It got to the point where the kids started to worry. Number One Son offered several times to miss skiing so I would have some knitting time and Darling Daughter and My Beloved gave me more than a few lectures on doing less and just taking time to knit.

But every summer has its features.  I had a grand time knitting during the summers of '08 and '09. This year other things took precedence. Now, back at home during the week, with much of the major work taken care of with the dog, I know things will be different.

I'll post something of what I did manage to do tomorrow and also a knitterly something I was thrilled to receive from verrrrrry far away.

I hope you had a good summer (with more knitting than mine!) I'm looking forward to checking my blog list to see what you were up to!

Thanks for dropping by! Happy September!


LaurieM said...

Sounds like a grand time! Don't worry, the knitting will always wait for you. And so will your blog friends. :)

Acorn to Oak said...

It sounds like you had a wonderful summer! Welcome home! I think it's nice to take a break from yarny ventures from time to time. It breathes more excitement into it. And, life isn't all about knitting...although, sometimes we wish it were. lol

Brenda said...

S-O-O-O-O-O- GLAD to have you back.

Aline said...

I have no knitting to show either...:) glad you had a full of happiness time! ali xx

Stephanie said...

Sounds like re-entry is going to be something else. I'm glad you're back though - I've missed you around! I hope you enjoyed all that running around all summer. Summer does seem better suited to running around than winter does at least, so I'm sure you'll start to slow down soon. :)

LynS said...

Welcome back! I think living in a climate with such marked seasonal differences must really change the way you lead your life. It will be good to hear more about what you've been doing - even if it doesn't include knitting.

Lisa R-R said...

Welcome back!
Starting to feel like autumn already - great for wearing sweaters.
Lisa R-R

Sandra said...

glad you're back. I completely understand about things getting in the way. If it had really been a problem, you would have found the time. I'm glad you got everything done.

BarbS said...

I'm glad you're back! And I'm jealous of your summer - sounds like much more fun than the cross-country move we did :)