Where Has All the Knitting (Time) Gone?

I haven't knit a stitch in at least three weeks! Its years since I've gone so long without knitting. If I had even one spare minute I would be missing it terribly.

I've been busy with cottage maintenance, water sports, houseguests and lakeside socializing. Probably the stuff non knitters go to the cottage to do.  Me? Not so much, but just as elementary school report cards  encourage, I'm trying to get along with all the other children in the schoolyard ;) .

I've been getting my work outs done which is also eating into knitting productivity but I know it'll mean a less curvier me come fall which will mean fewer shaping and fit issues in my sweater projects so I'm choosing to think of it as at least knitting related!

Although also seemingly unrelated-to-knitting, there is one event that has made a huge amount of "room" in my brain while taking up every last scrap of free time in my day. I finally decided to take the plunge and get a family dog.

I've researched and pondered this question to death until finally last week I decided enough was enough and it was time to decide yay or nay once and for all.
First I toured a big box pet store a couple of times just to get a sense of what this might mean - financially.  On Tuesday I visited a breeder whose nursery pages I often visit. On Wednesday, I took Number One Son and went back.
He and Darling Daughter had conferred en route via texting. His choice was the same as hers - although she only had the benefit of having seen photos - On Wednesday, My Beloved, not really a fan of the pet dog concept, but supportive of my wishes on the subject, Number One Son and I drove up and picked
up our new standard poodle who we have decided to call "Hudson" (his creamy colour is very close to the colour of the Classic Canadian Hudson Bay Blankets we have on the beds at the cottage.)
I considered over a dozen dogs ranging from 2 to 14 months old and in a variety of colours. In the end we went for a pup who responded best to us. He is four months old but shaved down to facilitate the next six weeks lakeside in the woods, he looks much older.  His size is also deceiving. He looks a lot like a full grown (largish) miniature poodle. He is very smart and quick - so much so we have to keep reminding ourselves he really is still very, very young.

While he is demanding a lot of time and attention I feel like things will soon be settling into a routine where I will be able to squeeze in a bit of knitting time again.  I hit the library last night and got an armload of knitting books to take to the cottage and of course I've also packed the new Interweave that was waiting here with the mail when I got home.

Hopefully I'll have some knitting related activity to report when next we hit the city!

I hope you are having a great summer!  Thanks for dropping by to share my doggy news!


elizabeth said...

Very sweet! I've been wondering where you've been! Glad you've just been busy. :o)

Stephanie said...

Awww, that's great news. :) A lovely addition to the family! Hope you're having a great summer, despite the lack of knitting!

Acorn to Oak said...

Awwwww...Hudson is so cute! Congratulations! I'm not sure if you really can tell by looking at a picture but he looks like he's a smart little guy and well behaved. I look forward to reading and seeing more about Hudson in the future. :-)

Rue said...

Congratulations! He looks delightful and I can't wait to see more of him.

LaurieM said...

A lovely dog! Congratulations on the new member of the family.

Lorraine said...

Great choice- the standard poodle is easily trained and highly intelligent.

No knitting here, it's too hot.

Aline said...

Hudson is gorgeous! congrats and have fun at the cottage. A. xx

Laurie said...

Hudson is so handsome! Poodles are incredibly smart - have fun with him. :-)

CarolMM said...

Hudson's adorable.
My advice? Get him out for several long walks every day. A tired puppy's a good puppy.

Tina said...

Hudson does look cute! But when I first saw the picture I thought he'd be an adult. Myrtille was about that age, too, when we got her this spring but she looked a lot more puppie-ish. Might be the shaved face in fact... So keep always in mind that he is still a puppy and don't let him do too much!
I am sure you will love to have a dog around and all the cuteness and love you get from him will be worth a whole lot more than the little inconveniences that will happen! CAn't wait to see more pictures. Welcome to the dogworld!!! :-)))
Tina in Germany