Not much to post about a scarf!

Great progress is being made on this little project.  I've finished the first half, its off the needles on a holder and I'm onto the next side.

I'm having pretty good luck with avoiding stupid errors - aided immensely by incessant counting, a mantra of the stitches and several stitch markers against which to check the veracity of each row. 'Talk about training wheels!

The yarn is splitty in the extreme. There's no looking away for even a stitch but then given all I'm having to do to knit error free its not like I'm likely to do that anyway.

I'm aiming for completion in the next couple of days and at this rate it seems doable.

That's about it - there's really not much to post about a scarf is there?

In other "news" this is the last day of exams for Number One Son. "Our" summer starts tonight with a belated cast party for the school play in which he had a role. I feel like I'm fighting the cold My Beloved kindly brought back from his most recent trip and I'm in a bit of denial about just how much I need to get done before our holiday at the cottage starts next week. As Winnie the Pooh would say "Oh Bother!"

Thanks for dropping by!


Rue said...

Wow, that's a quick knit! Although I shouldn't talk - I'm almost done with the hat I started a couple of days ago.

It seems like bugs and trips seem to go together. I'm fighting off a stomach bug I picked up over the weekend and it's certainly not helping my productivity level!

Brenda said...

I thought I was the only one suffering from this summer cold. I actually made an appointment to see the doctor tomorrow. I haven't sen him for 19 months!

Lorraine said...

I did get the cold- I hope you don't get it. Summer colds are brutal.

Yay, is it cottage time already?

elizabeth said...

I hope you fight off the cold! I'm on day three of a z-pack and FINALLY feel somewhat normal!

The scarf looks so cool and dainty!

Lupie said...

So often the most beautiful yarn has glips as I call them.
I am now living with my last school cold. My students loved me so much they wanted to leave me a part of them.