A "happy" green but is it happy enough?

First of all, thank you for all the kind words on the Garter Sweater!  No, the garter part didn't bother me at all because it was so mindless I really didn't have to think about the fact I was doing it.  My hands worked on it as independent contractors - something I find very easy...unlike the process outlined below where my wandering mind has to pay just a bit of attention...

I'm referring to a mesh bag pattern by Veronique Avery from "Knitting 24/7". (A book I find is most aptly named as I seem to carry it around 24/7 and contemplate the patterns in it, scheming on what to make next with similar frequency.)

This pattern is unique in its long narrow shape that allows for carrying, fully loaded, over the shoulder rather than at arms's length banging on your knee at every step.
The green is so happy isn't it? Good thing too because despite the "very easy" 2 row/4 stitch repeat I cannot report error free progress. Or really much progress at all.

"Wandering mind" syndrome has me forgetting a yarn over every four rounds or so and having to rip back but then not being able to find a sound row and so going right back to the garter stitch base of the bag. I've only done it four times. My total row count to date equals the length of the mesh section of the bag.

Must I face the fact I need a lifeline to work such a basic pattern?
As I said, good thing the colour is "happy"!

'Hope you have a "happy" knitting day! Thanks for dropping by!


elizabeth said...

Sometimes it's the simplest projects that are hard to keep straight in our mind! is it a matter of remembering what row you're on? If so, could you put a paper clip or something onto your needle every time you're on Row 1 and take it off for the other rows (I'm guessing every other row is a "rest" row?)?

Stephanie said...

Well - I wish you luck!

Lisa R-R said...

Does that mean you already finished the red bag?
Both of the bags seem intriguing.
Good luck following the pattern!

Rue said...

I love that green! It's such a fantastic summery color.

Is the knitting hard to read in this pattern? That's what usually gets me - the pattern may be simple enough but I just can't see whether I've made a mistake until I reach the end of the row.