A Bit of Follow Up

First of all, the green was not happy enough for me last night.  I ripped it back to nothing and 'will revisit when things are less distracting around here.
Besides, as Lisa RR pointed out, I also have the red bag in progress (looking rather pink in the photo but believe me, its tomato red!) I'll put some effort into finishing that up rather than struggling more with the bag at the moment.  I picked up the grommet tool I was missing this morning.  The grommets are in, handles are on - all that remains are a few little stitches to keep the lining from dancing around and I'll be ready for an FO report!

As for my issue with the mesh bag pattern, I so appreciate that people have thought it was perhaps a truly challenging problem.  Sadly it is just this simple...

Its a two row repeat, (Row two being a resting (knit all stitches) row when you reach the marker for the start of the next round, you remove the marker, knit one stitch, replace the marker and then start on row one from a new place.  This move is what creates a spiraling effect in the finished mesh.

Row one has a four stitch repeating pattern. A knit and a slip, k2, psso.  Each of these is followed by a yarn over.

What I do every few rounds is forget either a yarn over or to pass the slipped stitch over. Maybe I look up at the wrong moment or answer someone's question as to the whereabouts of any and all items in the house for which I am the resident data base and I may forget just a single yo which will only be recognizable at the end of the next row 1 - two rows later! This of course puts the spiral off by one which of course looks terrible.

The fine, mercerized cotton yarn has no hold whatsoever so frogging doesn't work unless its right back to the beginning. Tinking back through those sk2psso's every other stitch for over 100 stitches is, well, you're knitters, I'm sure you can imagine how fun that is.

So that's it - the full extent of my mesh bag issues. Pathetic.

Its the final DKC meeting of the year tonight but, as last year, tonight is My Beloved's birthday dinner and the only evening he'll be in Toronto this week so I won't be able to attend the meeting :(
On a happier note, I got a long overdue hair cut this morning. Its super, duper short  and makes me another step closer to being summer and cottage ready!

Well I'm off to cook a birthday dinner! Thanks for dropping by!


Stephanie said...

Happy Birthday to your Beloved! Well, I figure all is well that end's well and you might as well just enjoy your knitting and not let it harass you like that. So - let that project sit for a while.

Rue said...

Your short hair looks great! A pixie cut is so much fun.

It's too bad the green bag wasn't working out right now, but I can't wait to see what the red one looks like. What is this grommet tool and how does it work? The picture looks really impressive.

elizabeth said...

You're getting me over my fear of grommets!

Does the cottage have wifi? You're not going to abandon us this summer, are you?!?!