F.O.? Oh N.O.!

Check out this adorable wee knit. Its the "Trio" Cardi from Sublime.
Don't you love the knitting potential in long weekends? I know baby knits are generally quick and easy but this one was especially so!

Because I bought it! I bought a hand knit baby sweater at my LYS!

I went into Passionknit to pick up yarn for the project this morning and as I was pulling some beautiful Sublime Baby Cotton Kapok in these three colours, I was simultaneously handed this adorable cardi by the very woman who knit it! Her knitting is flawless - she is renowned for assembly and finishing other's knits to perfection and here she was handing me a finished knit (the store sample) for the same cost as buying the yarn?

And check out the buttons!
 First of all they're really sweet and perfectly set off the colours in the sweater but also

...notice she sewed them on with the colours that relate to the stripes in which they appear! How clever is that?
I also love the decorative stitching along the lower front edges kind of inferring a "button band". The shaping around the collar is also quite smart looking - again, notice how there is a "collar" of sorts across the back neck!
I love it! I got all the benefits of being able to give a hand knit gift without having to dedicate knitting time when I'm currently more amused with other things - other more, umm, "selfish" things. Things for me or things that will be more entertaining for me right at the moment.


But the family who, because of their affiliation with My Beloved, no doubt expect a hand knit from me/us, will still receive one...from us. It just won't be "of" us. I don't think that will matter. Will it?

I think this solution makes everybody happy. (Especially me!)

I do think, however, I can't bring myself to affix one of these....
Could you?


pendie said...

I'm definitely not ready to label my fo's! They look better and better but no where near what this one looks like. Must be nice to be that good!

Brenda said...

Can you get a label that says something like "Handknit Especially For You" Then keep silent.

Anne Campbell said...

Baby skin is so sensitive that maybe a label would be uncomfortable? It's a gorgeous sweater and looks extremely useful - super choice.

Laine de Bergère said...

love the label and cardi! where did you get these labels? Are they soft?

Sandra said...

I agree with Brenda - no need to mention names, now, is there?

Anonymous said...

this post and the comments are cracking me up!

elizabeth said...

I'm amazed she could/would sell it for the same price as the yarn! She must knit purely for the fun of it. It's very cute and the parents won't mind at all that it didn't come from your fingers!

Acorn to Oak said...

That was quite a deal on such a cute sweater! I wouldn't put a label on it either...cuz it's scratchy and I wouldn't want anyone to think I made it if I hadn't. Great gift! And, now that you have the baby gift, you have time for that gorgeous red bag you're knitting. :-D