Fingers Crossed

I'm taking my computer in to get a new operating system installed and the old one completely removed.  If I do it myself the best I'll be able to do is overwrite it. That just seems like more problems waiting to happen so I'm going to bite the bullet and pay them to do it.

Its been coughing and sputtering and freezing for weeks now - I've taken it in twice and they haven't been able to find a thing wrong with the computer itself (which is just barely 2 years old) so it must be a software issue. (I hope)

I think I've done a complete back up of all my data to my external hard drive.

I feel like I now just have to take a deep breath and dive into unplugging everything and haul it off to the geeks.

Hopefully it'll be done lickity split and you won't even notice I was ever off line.

'Fingers crossed - here goes!


pendie said...

good luck with that; it's horrible how much we depend on the things now!

Lorraine said...

My son fixes computer's for people- and I can attest to the fact that some people are lost with them.

But we have knitting....

Brenda said...

Ouch! I would have withdrawal.