I've been knitting and knitting on the first sleeve of the Simple Swingy Sweater but every time I think its long enough, add shaping.a cuff and bind off, I try it on to see its still too short. So while I have been knitting I've also been ripping. It'll be worth it in the end.

Yesterday (in a last minute effort hence no photos ) I knit a wee wee little 5 stitch ribbed scarf on 2mm needles using 6 strands of embroidery floss held together. The "scarf" embellished a birthday card for my Aunt. I want to knit her a full sized one for her birthday but 'knew she'd enjoy shopping for and selecting the yarn. The mini version was fun to make and give but also for her to open. The scarf I will make for her is the "Transitional Scarf" from my new favourite "Knitting 24/7". Its "intended to be worn between seasons....(in a ) cool combination of cotton and Tencel." (Classic Elite Yarns "Premier")

We'll see if we can find the stipulated yarn or not - a quick look on line at our various LYS's tells me we won't but its not like the hunt won't be entertaining or we won't be able to find a good substitute!

My Beloved tells me he'll need a baby knit for a boy in the next month or so for someone at work so I've been flipping through the patterns thinking about that.

He's also off to Europe again shortly (volcanic activity permitting.) I'm looking into yarn shops over there in the hopes he'll undertake another LYS "MuggleTour".

I have my little knitting class today. Its always fun to see them and their work and hear what they have to say so I'm looking forward to that as well as tonight's DKC meeting. Robin Hunter will be presenting a talk on body shape/image/fashion. It sounds like the lecture version of the workshop I took with her at the Frolic. I'll be interested to see how she treats the subject in this context.

Throughout it all I'll be toting my Swingy Sweater in the hopes of attaining an acceptable sleeve measurement. Sleeve #2 should proceed much faster despite/as a result of the more halting progress of sleeve #1.

I'd like to cast on a new project over the upcoming long weekend so it'd be nice to have this knit in the FO list by then.

Thanks for dropping by!


elizabeth said...

Those sleeves seem to take forever, don't they?!? You'll get there!

Anne Campbell said...

I need to come up with a baby boy knit for someone at my work, too. I can't decide where I want to go. I'm thinking the Tomten jacket, perhaps. I quite enjoy doing garter. I'll be interested to see what you come up with.

Lorraine said...

I was going to say the Tomten jacket as well- it's a wonderful thing to have for any child.

Have you seen Anne Hanson's new pattern-?


Fiona said...

Sent you a message on Rav.