Book Review - Knitting 24/7 by Veronique Avery

This week has been quite crazy with a confluence of birthday celebrations, end of school year events, annual medical appointments/tests and with even the demands of my usually independent Beloved and the teen/twenty something social calendar impacting my agenda.

Throughout it all I have optimistically toted a bag of knitting "stuff", dragging it everywhere with little to show for the effort because I haven't stopped moving long enough to even peek into it.

In the few lucid moments I have had in the evenings or early mornings I've found myself going to the bag to retrieve this...

I can't stop looking through it! I want to make almost everything in it!

Maybe I'm drawn to it this week in particular because of its theme...
"30 Projects to Knit, Wear and Enjoy, On the Go and Around the Clock"
...and because of our early spring-like weather in the midst of our late spring calendar (not unusual in Toronto). I'm feeling the value of multiple knitted layers, many fabulous examples of which are found in this new compelling book.

The Book's divided into sections of a.m., p.m. and weekend, each starting with an empowering little list of times when a knitter might squeeze a few rows of grounding/energizing knitting into a busy day. Sensitivity to the wider life of a knitter doesn't end there though. The patterns seem demanding but they're all easily memorized.. Many are also small and so, by definition, portable. And they all seem sooooo wearable!

Of course socks fall readily into this category but Veronique gives these a wonderful twist with faux cables that pass through each other rather than in front or behind; a toe up version that includes a slipped stitch heel for better wear than the more usual short row heel found in many toe up patterns; lace knee highs with a manageable (even for me - generally lace averse as I am) four row repeat, all over pattern.

  • Bags and hats - with a distinctly French flair.
  • Slippers, one felted for winter the other, knit in the same pattern in cotton for spring and summer.
  • A tea cozy - easily adaptable for any size pot.
  • Mitts, gloves and hand warmers long and short in styles from traditional to funky. All patterns with careful attention to ease of execution, fashionable and easy to wear paired with all kinds of things and whatever your personal style.
  • Scarves and an ingenious wrap

I am even considering taking a run at the skirt knit in Cascade 220 Heathered yarn to pair it with the stunning alpaca "Elemental Pullover"! (Tamara at Passionknit suggested Galway Heather as an alternative which sounds even better!) As it says in the notes, the skirt, knit in the round is the perfect take along project. For me it also sounds like great motivation over the summer to keep up with my exercise regimen to be able to carry off a knitted skirt in the fall! (Darling Daughter is horrified at the prospect of a "grey haired woman" as she put it wearing two knit pieces together. I do love getting a reaction out of that girl!)

Perhaps this book has come into my collection at just the right time for my wardrobe or lifestyle or just my interest in knitting a variety of items but I can't help thinking any knitter would want to knit and have a number of the pieces in this book.  I am generally loath to buy knitting pattern books but I'm thrilled to have this one. I  know I'll be knitting from it in the weeks and months ahead but I wouldn't be surprised if its also a collection from which I draw for years to come!

Thanks for dropping by today...have a good weekend and if you happen to be near a book store, check out Knitting 24/7!


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Sandra said...

And I have a Chapters just around the corner from work...or maybe a visit to Needles and Knits this weekend...
I always appreciate a good review from someone who thinks and knits like I do!

elizabeth said...

Faux cables that pass through each other? I'm intrigued!

Brenda said...

The book sounds like a real winner. I have always been interested in knitting a skirt and have collected many patterns for one over the years. My hair's not grey yet - does that mean it's OK to wear two knits together? :)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the thorough review. I will have to thumb through that book next time I spot it at a book store.