Avoiding Yarn "Tharn"

A state of paralyzed fear or confusion. Can also...mean "looking foolish", "forlorn", "heartbroken".
If you've read "Watership Down" (and if you haven't you should!), you've encountered this "lapine word" describing how the rabbits faced with overwhelming events or circumstances freeze.

The tech world has adopted the term for people writing code who "go tharn" while trying to anticipate every eventuality or potential conflict and stop seeing any possible way forward.

My own variation is "Yarn Tharn" - a not uncommon state for me when surrounded by yarn fumes stirred by giddy yarn fans as will be the case Saturday at the 13th DKC Frolic.

The Frolic is held indoors. There are no breezes freshening the air, no sheep, alpaca or angora bunnies adding a hint of "farm yard" to dilute the mix. Its just yarn, hundreds of happy women, a few tormented children being told not to touch anything while the adults paw every possible skein and ball and a very few stoic men waiting for it all to be over. (Except of course for Patrick Madden who has no doubt helped to organize and promote the Frolic and who will make it all that much more fun for anyone lucky enough to enjoy a bit of his company!)

In the face of all this many will buy. I will go first yarn tharn and then home empty handed, "foolish" and "forlone" indeed.

But I can avoid yarn tharn if armed with a list to ground me, currently my tharn avoidance list looks like this...

A DK cotton and linen blend in light, silvery blue. Something that would look fresh and cool with white and would suit the Lace Saddle Tee from the 2010 summer issue of Interweave Knits. I like the square cut collar and the prospect of tackling the saddle sleeve with its lacy leaf detail. I also love the idea that knit in this yarn it promises to just get better every year. Now that's the kind of distance I want out of a hand knit!

A worsted weight cotton - no preconceptions about colour just something pale and clear. I have this in mind for Petrie from the current summer issue of Knitty.

My Beloved has been asking when the next knit for him can be expected off the needles so I'll also be looking for yarn suitable for a vest for him. To this end l'll be looking at the soft touch DK weight yarns from Sheldridge Farms. and the offerings at the Tanis Fiber Arts booth to see the Midnight and Sand colourways. Tanis recently posted her plans for this year's Frolic with details on what she will have on sale so I'll be cross referencing my ideas with that list before I head for the show.

There is also a helpful DKC discussion thread going on over at Ravelry right now between Dr. Knit on behalf of the DKC and some vendors who will be at the Frolic. The vendors are talking about the kinds of yarn and colourways they will be bringing. I'll read that towards week's end for additional ideas.

The list will be refined as the week progresses. The more certainty I feel the less likelihood of yarn tharn. For me, its the only way to go!

Thanks for dropping by!


Sandra said...

shop vicariously for me, willya? Not only do I miss the Frolic due to basketball, I also miss my Guild meetig tonight - it's the last practice, so I have to be there. I love the sport and especially the kids, but this week is trying my patience!

Brenda said...

Lists can be limiting. I suggest using the list only as a start point. Then free-wheeling once the list is accomplished. :):)
Sometimes it's our job to help lift the economy out of it's near comatose state.

LynS said...

Such a disciplined approach. I'd probably buy all sorts of things I didn't need and still not have yarn for possible projects.

I'm very taken by the word 'tharn'. Can you have blogging tharn? Cleaning tharn? Ironing tharn? A very useful concept.

Stephanie said...

I'm the same way - because I'm on a tight budget if I go in (somewhere) without any idea what to get I'll come out confused and without anything. So, when I'm shopping for yarn, I know some specifics of what I'm looking for. Works better for me. :)