And Now for Something(s) Completely Different

The Victoria Day weekend was truly, completely different - we didn't go to the cottage - in fact it isn't even open! My Beloved is in Europe so in his absence I was on evening drop off and very late/early pick up duty for Number One Son. I even spent a couple of evenings alone with the TV and my knitting - very, very rare. More rare still I barely cooked at all.

And my knitting was pretty different too!
I started the "Guernsy Style Bag" from Spring/Summer Debbie Bliss Knitting. Its red and its in a heavy cotton and its more pattern than I've worked in quite a while. It has no shaping, required no math or customization and I'm using the yarn and even the colourway recommended in the pattern!

It starts at the top of the bag with a new (to me) cast on they call "Guernsey Style"
...Wrap a double thickness of yarn (a separate strand from the working yarn) twice around the left thumb counter clockwise.
...Bring working yarn over
...Knit the four strands...

...then pull them tight around the bottom of the stitch to form a little decorative knob
The yarn overs lie down flat between each knotted knob, further accentuating them.
...Well suited to the overall look of the bag, easy, fun, new - something completely different on a very different kind of long weekend!

Thanks for dropping by!


Acorn to Oak said...

The new cast on sounds very confusing but the bag is gorgeous! I love all the pattern and texture and the color. So pretty!

Rue said...

That looks like such a fun project! I'll bet it would make a great knitting bag. Enjoy!

Stephanie said...

Looks like a fun little project! I'm not sure I understand the cast-on but I love when a pattern includes little details like that. Otherwise I stick to one cast-on and after a while that gets boring.

BarbS said...

Great bag! I love the texture and the color! The cast on looks like what I've always heard called the Channel Island cast on, which I'm actually using for the first time for something I'm test knitting. I do love the picot-like edging it creates, too.

Lorraine said...

Is that the Channel Island cast on? I really like the little beads at the edge.

elizabeth said...

That's a cute cast on, I bet it'd look good on socks! You've made huge progress on it!

Brenda said...

I remember those hard-to-stay-awake evenings when the kids are old enough to go out at night but not old enough to drive.