Nice Things

What a great week I've been having!
I've been making good progress on Minimalist Cardigan - heading for the finish line on the first sleeve.

I received two blog contest prizes in the mail (Thank you so much Leslie and Becky/Stephanie!)
At long last I bought myself some Hellebores
 (I've easily been waiting 10 years to splurge on these for the early spring garden.)
We're enjoying an uncharacteristically warm spell.

The children in my learn to knit class are going gangbusters on their felted heart projects purling, pattern reading, kfb-ing and k2togethering.
The forsythia branches I'm forcing look like they'll be open in time for Easter dinner here on Sunday.

And My Beloved has actually been home in pretty good time and had dinner with us every night this week!

Most importantly for the "the offspring" chez Sel and Poivre though is that after grinding to a halt a week ago with an ominous noise, the dishwasher has been repaired in time for the long weekend. So they're singing the praises of Dave the Appliance repair man who squeezed us in at 7:30 this morning and got the thing humming again with the installation of a new "upper wash hub"!

See what I mean? Its all been great!
Its also great when you drop by my little blog -thanks eh!


LynS said...

I love the sense of spring in this post - and the hellebores - beautiful!

Brenda said...

Imagine being awake enough to let an appliance repairman in at 7:30 am. Did the offspring let him in?

Anne Campbell said...

Beautiful spring pictures! And how pleasant to find a post full of good things. Spring gives everything a head start, doesn't it?

Anonymous said...

so glad you received the prize -- i kind of guessed on the postage required. also, i can't wait to see the finished minimalist cardigan...

elizabeth said...

Everything is lovely! I've moved my Lenten rose to three different homes and it's thriving. In a couple of years, you'll be able to divide yours and have even more!

Stephanie said...

Glad to hear you got it! :)

Love the flower pictures. I've been searching for flowers around here but we are sadly deficient.

Lorraine said...

The Fosythia here has bloomed- it's very early in the season.

Where did you get the lovely Hellebores?

Acorn to Oak said...

Knitting, sunshine, flowers, the dishwasher working again, and multiple blog awards?!...it does sound like a good week. :-)