A New Plan is Hatched

I've taken my compelling blue yarn off in a new direction entirely.

Rue suggested in the comments yesterday that its well suited for Garter stitch and something more simple and straightforward.

So I'm trying it out with this pattern - the Garter Stitch Swingy Sweater but making it longer with longer sleeves more like this version by Slinky Malinky (How great is that for a Ravelry Name? Btw I'm sorry to include a Ravelry link - I'm too lazy to ever follow Rav links so I don't and that's why I never put them in here but in this case Slinky Malinky doesn't have a blog or this knit in her Flikr photos so I have no choice and I hope you think its worth the effort to sign in and have a look.)

I knit the swatch this morning and had Darling Daughter take the relevant measurements and so I'm all ready to go.

As for what I knit last night...I restarted the Merino Lace Socks getting as far as the end of the first cuff and then, as is my post gardening habit these days ZZZZZZZZZ.........

So now I'm off to cast on for the Swingy Sweater! I'll be my first top down sweater but also garter stitch which will be nice and mindless for these drowsy springtime evenings.

Thanks for dropping by!


Rue said...

That garter stitch cardigan should look lovely in your blue tweed. Hopefully it will be a quick knit!

elizabeth said...

I love those socks! Nancy Bush's patterns are wonderful. But I can't cast on for new socks until I finish mates for all my singles!