I never thought

...everyone would be as engaged with the question of the quality/source of food as the comments showed you are! Not only are you talented knitters there are a quantity of sophisticated and informed foodies among you!

I couldn't agree more with Amy regarding better taste and to that I would add texture! I am always amazed at how little water sweats off the free range meat as well and how few impurities seem to rise to the top when I'm braising them.

To Sandra's comment about the pressures of full time work and serving healthy meals at the end of the work day, my hat goes off to anyone who does that balancing act with school aged children!

Rue and Elizabeth also prompt a sense of real admiration in that they have actually given up meat. I love that idea. For a few reasons particular to my own health its not an option for me at the moment but it just strikes me as such a clean and fresh way to eat!

A big thanks to Michelle for those sources here in Toronto. I'm familiar with the Healthy Butcher but I'll have to check out the second reference! And who knew there were 100 mile markets out in the country north of Toronto? I was so surprised at Brenda's use of just such a shop.  If I'm ever up that way I fully plan to check that place out!

As part of my usual practice of cooking with seasonal ingredients today I've stewed the last of my '09 rhubarb harvest, frozen since early last summer and I'm making Parsley soup. Its bright green, more flavourful than you'd expect (the 2 tablespoons of Sherry added just before serving does amazing things indeed!)and absolutely one of my favourite spring time soups. With that done I'm off to the garden to plant spring onions and some pole beans.  The forcast doesn't have any frost in it for at least the next two weeks so I think I'll take a chance.

I've been in the garden every spare second which is making for good progress outside but lousy knitting at night. Last nights' effort was pathetic. I managed about 10 rows of moss stitch on the swatching I've decided to revisit before I started falling asleep! As soon as I stop moving my body fast forwards to sleep mode!
'Tis just a symptom of the season I guess. I won't hope for better tonight.  Right now I'm heading back out - more planting to do and I need to top dress and seed the lawn after it gets its first cut, trim and thorough raking of the year.

Thanks for dropping by today!


Brenda said...

I admire your gardening activities. I haven't done a vegetable garden for years now. For the last 25 years or so we have had yards either taken up by swimming pools or completely shaded with trees. Actually I long for a small, city-size yard which I could cultivate without working dawn to dusk.

Stephanie said...

I'm sure I'll get to the post you mention soon (I've had a few days away from blogging), but ooh! Fresh food! We're just really getting to spring here and I really, really wish I had a space of my own to do some gardening in. I really appreciate fresh, in-season produce, and I wish I had more access to it in winter.

Amy said...

Gardening is totally on my horizon, too. I think tomatoes this year, for a test?

Acorn to Oak said...

Have you seen the "100 Mile Challenge" TV series? I saw it last year...in the Fall, I think. It was filmed in Canada and really interesting and thought provoking. Here's a link to the show, just in case you haven't heard of it... http://100mile.foodtv.ca/show

Michelle said...

Yay for foodies! Maybe if we are knitters and care enough to make stuff by hand, it also makes us more inclined to buy food products that are equally well raised/grown? I'm not sure, its just a theory.