Fun Stuff

I like the way my word cloud looks like a ball of yarn? Especially since the word "Yarn" is so prominent.
Have you checked out the winners and runners up of the Bob Awards on Ravelry? (There's a link on the right side of the opening page - the one you see after you sign in) Check it out the next time you're on Ravelry, its amazing how varied, beautiful,  brilliant and silly knitting can be!) My favourite piece among the ones I saw is the fair isle cardigan in "Best use of Colour".

And finally, I love knitting but not this much! (If you check them out you'll see they are nonetheless beautiful - if I had to get one of them though, it would be the second one! ;) How about you? (Or maybe you already have one!)

Thanks for dropping by!


Anonymous said...

Love your word cloud! You couldn't have designed it more effectively, if you tried.

No to 'tats for me. Intresting to have seen them, now I know what to look out for.

See you at the DKC.


Brenda said...

I think I've been too involved in finishing Waterloo. Who's Bob? :) :)

Acorn to Oak said...

I like your word cloud. That looks fun. Yeah...I love knitting too but wouldn't want to have a tattoo of it.

P.S. I'd love it if you could give me your thoughts on my vest seams....it's on my blog. I really respect your sweater knitting skills. :-)

Lorraine said...

I can appreciate the art of tattoo's, but it's really not my style.

elizabeth said...

When does one become too old for a tattoo? I'd love one, I love the way they look, but I think it may be too late to get one. Tattoos look best on young skin.

Sandra said...

I ;ove the tats, but on other people. It would be harder to dissuade my kid from gettng one if we had them ourselves, so at least we can use that excuse. It's why I don't mind the longer hair - pick your battles, I say.