Again with the Sleeves?

Cruising along with my new longer needle last night thinking "oh just a couple of more rows...I can't be at the point where its time to separate the stitches for the sleeves yet!

Besides I had it in my mind I needed to try the thing on rather than measure because that is what my new longer needle was allowing me to do with this new-to-me fancy top down knitting stuff.

Did I think trying it on would yield wild new information? Knowing (through measuring recent FO's) I need no more than 14" total distance around for a well fitting sleeve? Perhaps I did because onwards I knitted without measuring until this morning when I took the time to try it on.
I should have stopped because I had gone too far - it was too big. So I put markers in to show where the best fit was. Would you be surprised to hear the right fit was right at 14"?!

I've decided to go with "I was too lazy to measure" rather than something more like "too stupid!"
Ripping back to the 14" markers will be undertaken this evening.

Finally connecting the dots on the most basic of questions related to avoiding stupid mistakes...it wouldn't appear it will be anytime soon!

Have a great weekend, thanks for dropping by!


Rue said...

I've done my fair share of frogging recently - I had to rip back twice on the sock I've been working on. Sorry you have to rip back, too!

On the plus side, that yarn looks like it will hold its shape pretty well so you'll probably be able to just give it a firm tug and get the frogging part over with quickly.

Brenda said...

Hee Hee. Been there.Done that. Is this the Cabin Fever swing coat? I love your little container for your markers.

Lorraine said...

Garter stitch seems to take much longer to do, for some reason.

I'm doing a Knitting Plain and Simple Peace Fleece pullover, and I really like the top-down construction.