I Didn't Earn a Medal...

...but I'm glad I tried.

I feel a bit guilty because its not like I "left it all out there on the course", as they say. The Olympics turned out to be more for the Canadian in me than the Knitter.  As a patriotic "host" I did go the distance watching each night/morning until the wee hours and well past the point of being able to knit accurately.

As a knitting participant I was too mellow. I knit while I watched but often too engrossed in the action on the screen to persist with the needles in the hands.

I believe these Games were truly transforming for Canada and I didn't want to miss a moment of it - even for knitting.

Since my last post, I did finish the second sleeve, then I all but ripped it back to the beginning and knit it again and then about half of it one more time. (This knitting to shape and size rather than a pattern is tricky business to get just right - especially when you're only half paying attention!)

The Alpaca held up remarkably well under all the abuse. Its also very soothing to work with.  This past week was a busy one and I was fighting a cold yet it was entirely pleasant to sit down (even at 10:30 or 11:00 when I should have been heading for bed) to feel that lovely stuff pass through my hands for two or three hours. My head pounded, my throat burned, my eyes watered and my country made me so so so proud!

Alex Bilodeau's Gold felt almost surreal, Hockey aside, I don't, as a Canadian, generally expect Canada to win big and I don't think I'm unusual in that regard. Canadians hoped the Games would be great and our athletes would do well but I don't think we ever imagined such spectacular outcomes across the board.

So what to do next?

  1. Write to the Prime Minister and let him know I for one want full funding for "Own the Podium" to continue with or without corporate support. I'm going to suggest that If he's short on cash in the Sports Budget, he should look to the National Unity budget and transfer some over from that where he'll get a lot more value for dollar on both fronts!
  2. Cast on for the Front of my Olympic Sweater.
  3. Check out the progress of the other Knit Olympians I've been following. I have better hopes for the success of their efforts than for mine!
  4. Revisit the Laundry Room where I have yet to return since taking that last pic of Tangled Yoke early last week and see just what can be done for that poor, pink, so close to finished knit!
Thanks for dropping by today - March 1 here in Toronto has so far been sunny and bright and despite our snowy weekend, spring suddenly feels like its right around the corner!


pendie said...

So, it sounds like you actually enjoyed the knitting, rather than making it all-consuming to finish your product. That's my pace of knitting; I rarely rush to get something done

Lorraine said...

Let me know how you get on with Mr. Harper-

elizabeth said...

I was so happy that Canada won the gold in men's hockey! I would've been happy either way I guess, but I felt like Canada wanted it more, so I was very happy they won!