Elizabeth Made Me Do It!

Right after I checked "update blog" off my list, Elizabeth asked in the comments whether I had seen the new Blogger tools for customizing the look of a Blogger blog.  Later that day into my gmail box arrived a link to that very same tools homepage called Blogger Template Designer.  How could I resist?

The format you see here today represents about 15 minutes or half a Saturday morning cup of coffee's worth of tinkering. There are a million possibilities - if you're a Blogger blogger you should check it out!

Then, after email correspondence with Laurie in which I said I might try to exhaust my wee stash before buying more yarn, the very next day I went out and bought more yarn!

In further evidence of how open I must be to suggestion at the moment I'm noting that the colour scheme I customized for this new Springtime look on the blog seems to perfectly match the yarn I bought yesterday. 'Makes me wonder what's going to trigger me next, which direction will it take me and with what?


Rue said...

Again, what a great new blog format! I love how springy it looks.

LynS said...

Thanks for the link. Most useful. Red and grey? What perfect colours for both knitting and blogging.

LaurieM said...

Hahahaha! Oh dear! Really, I'm so sorry. I honestly didn't intend to lead you to a stash enhancement. tee hee :)

elizabeth said...

We are ALL open to suggestions! I think, though, that my suggestion was that you start spinning...perhaps another Elizabeth suggested the blogger updates? At any rate, it looks great!