Beautiful Blog Award

Elizabeth kindly nominated me!

Like Elizabeth I'm going to post my nominees here but leave it to them as to how they want to participate themselves.

First a bit of relevant background.

A few months ago - I decided to only read blogs I manually visited via Google. In other words, the ones I could remember off hand. From a list of 25 or so blogs I thought I was engaged in reading I was shocked at how few I remembered to check out each day. Brenda, Cheryl, Julia, Sandra and Stephanie's blogs were the ones I went to and that was about it.

It was easy to purge my favourites list after that but it necessitated building a new one. I've been working at doing that ever since and it seems fitting for the purposes of this award to list, in no particular order, 7 of the gems I've discovered along the way in that search.
  1. Shades of Grey  - One of my "neighbours" on Ravelry, Lyn's blog is a thoughtful and refreshing little trip "down under" to Sydney Australia but she's also just been to and blogged about a vacation in Paris!
  2. Tinks and Frogs - I believe I found while Googling knitting terms. Rue's blog is a recent addition to my list but its been nothing but inspiration so far with spinning, knitting and now weaving too!
  3. Laine de Bergere - was an early find discovered while searching for knit blogs from la belle Province Quebec. Aline is ever positive and engaging and last spring she opened an LYS!
  4. Made by Myself - (Mari Muinonen of Silvi fame (among many other wonderful designs) maintains a regular non-designer blog. The English translations of her posts often bring a smile and there is something about that light in the far north that comes through in her photos - I love it!)
  5. A Black Pepper  - (another designer who also manages to keep up a blog about her FO's - I love how she pairs up multiple handknits in one outfit!)
  6. More with Les - What a clever title since the blogger's name is Leslie but more than that she posts about her knitting and her issues with it as well as detailed FO posts and related knitting topics like book reviews.
  7. med 2 pinde - (Translation: "With 2 Needles") I got to this one via Lyn's reading list. Its another one that isn't in English but just the pictures, the light and her creations are worth an occasional visit. I love the softness of her colour combinations.  Its from her blog I was inspired to make my fingerless mitts and my garter cowl.
    And finally seven things about me...
    1. I hum almost constantly. I don't notice I'm doing it but family and anyone who has done work for us around the house like contractors or plumbers or furnace repair men tell me its incessant.(Today I'm humming "Don't Worry Be Happy" a la Bobby McFerrin I don't know why, that just seems to be the tune for today.)
    2. I like big dogs.
    3. I don't carry a cell phone. I used to but I stopped. I don't miss it.
    4. I have never seen the movie Titanic.
    5. I laugh a lot.
    6. I enjoy ironing.
    7. I'll happily say I "won't" do a thing but I rarely say I "can't". (translation: I'm stubborn!)
    Well thank you Elizabeth for the nomination and thank you for dropping by!


      Anonymous said...

      Wow -- thank you SOOOOOO MUCH for this nice plug!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      Lorraine said...

      Congratulations on your award.

      Acorn to Oak said...

      Congratulations! :-)

      Laine de Bergère said...

      Bravo! I love your blog too...It is on my blogger list.

      Blushing...thank you for adding me to your list! awww...and I see we have other stuff in common too...fun! (love ironing:)

      Sandra said...

      ooo, 7 new blogs (to me) to check out! thanks!
      And I've never seen Titanic either - nor do I feel the need to.
      I carry a cell phone, but only 4people have the number - my husband, my son, my mom and my son's school. They're the only ones who need it.

      elizabeth said...

      That's a great list! I like ironing too, it's instantly satisfying.

      Stephanie said...

      Congratulations! :) And I'm honored to be on the short list of blogs you checked daily. Now I need to get back to posting often – sooner or later I'll figure out a good way to balance blogging and life.

      One day when I was a baby, I was sitting in my stroller in a store and Bobby McFerrin came up to me and tapped "Don't Worry, Be Happy" on my feet. My mom likes to tell this story, starstruck.

      I am also quite proud that I haven't seen Titanic either! Well, not the whole way through. Somehow or other I've walked into the beginning and end or something like that...

      LynS said...

      I'm just catching up with my blog reading. What a wonderful surprise to have you nominate me for an award - my first ever and greatly appreciated. And congratulations on your own much-deserved nomination