Unknitterly Conduct

In my stated mission of trying to catch up with the knit-a-verse I crawl around it quite a bit but its only recently that I experienced my first nasty, negative knit blog.

This particular blog features "reviews" of knitting magazines etc. and within these reviews is significant  criticism for the contents and its designers.

It seems negative feedback to these reviews is left by unhappy readers in her comments section (could it be that hers begets theirs?) Eventually she posted an expansive counterargument, the crux of which voiced her outrage that knitters and the knitting community have such little tolerance for criticism. In fact she laments the demise of another negative knitting-related blog that ceased to be because the authors were so sick of the backlash to their critical posts.

(The term "Ironic" springs to mind here.)

Honestly though I've noticed the same thing...knitters do seem to reject negativity....and I think its one of the things that makes knitblogland GREAT!  It's what makes me want to visit a little part of it each day to see what people are up to....what positive things they have to say and what creative things they are doing.

When I sit down to post I feel the weight of that expectation - that people drop by here to find tid bits that stay on the high road and don't seek to entertain or engage at the expense of others. I love that too!

So thanks for dropping by and ( I hope and assume) holding me accountable to the wonderful high standards of knitblogland!


pendie said...

I love visiting your blog and getting a piece, as you say, of the wonderful knitblogland. I always think of knitters as such a happy and positive group (who couldn't be involved with such a great group of people?) that is surprises me when someone goes way beyond a normal a certain line. Why go to that much effort for negativity; it's such a waste

Brenda said...

I haven't spotted the blog to which you refer,and am glad I haven't. I had a manager at work once who told the staff " Never come to me with a problem unless you also come to me with a solution." I think we should pass this message along to Miss Negativity. Perhaps she could come up with better ideas for her so-called fall-short publications.

Lorraine said...

Is there really room for negativity? There seems to be alot of it around, but this is a hobby and we're supposed to be enjoying ourselves.

What's to get upset about? It's knitting...?

Sandra said...

If I don't like something, I just don't comment (usually). I critique my own stuff pretty well, but just becasue I don't like what someone else has done, doesn't mean it isn't fabulous in some way.
People like that are just in it for the shock value.

Laine de Bergère said...

I like happy places and happy people. I love the way the blogs I read are full of what I love most and inspiration. :) A. xx

Michelle said...

This is a great idea for a post. For me, and I'm sure many others, knitting is about building, creating, nurturing, loving. I can't imagine wasting any time tearing something or someone down - particularly for the time it takes to run a blog.

Sometimes at work I get fair and welcome constructive feedback. But I really couldn't bear for my work to be publically flogged on a blog by anonymous strangers. Plus, there is something of the wanting to feel superior by putting others down. Not cool.

Kinda reminds me of all the people criticizing the Olympics at the moment - let's focus on the good in sport and life!

I've gone on .... sorry, so much negativity going on at the moment ... it is because everyone is cranky and tired of winter?

Laurie said...

Constructive criticism or intelligent critique are valuable ways for us to learn where we need to improve. I personally value that.

I too enjoy a positive attitude and strive to see the glass as half-full. But, I assume that I can disagree with you without receiving a backlash of negative comments. That is an important freedom that is extreemely valuable.

Sel and Poivre said...

Oh Laurie I couldn't agree more! Healthy disagreement, even heated debate is invaluable - I was referring to the use of insults, derogatory comments, profanity, sarcasm and the like - not remotely to difference of opinion or point of view!

Paddy said...

Well said madam! (Also - great photos of the young knitters. When I saw you last time in Toronto you were just about to start teaching this group. Excellent!)

elizabeth said...

if you can't say something nice...

not that critiques are all bad, but if there is nothing of substance behind them, then they're just complaints, and couldn't we all stand a little less whining in the world? :o)