Interweave Knits Spring 2010

It arrived with the Friday mail. I think all knit magazines should arrive on Fridays - what a nice thing to look forward to cruising through over the weekend! (I know it isn't 9:00 a.m. Saturday yet and I've already devoured the thing but I was up at 5:30 to cook breakfast for my "little" skier who had to be on the bus by 7:00!)

In her letter from the editor Eunny Jang makes the analogy of having a long cool drink of water to considering Spring knitting from the still cold days of late winter.  For me, its more about light than beverages - the daylight is getting brighter and hanging around much longer these days. Yesterday's downhill at Whistler looked to have the same warm mid afternoon sunshine we enjoyed here in Toronto (3000 kms/2000 miles away) so it must be happening everywhere!

On first glance I would describe this issue as modern - not "mod"or "trendy", more "moderne" (think Chrysler Building in New York). Clean but detailed, structured yet open and with flowing lines. And it features a range of wonderful fibers for knitting and wearing.  Beyond that, the designs are fresh and pretty but not fussy. "Pretty" doesn't generally suit me - but I think it does suit Spring to a tee so I often find myself lamenting its absence in my Springtime wardrobe.

Besides, what better way to inject a bit of a lift into the Springtime Toronto closet than with a couple of warm hand knits that look like the season outside instead of the dark days around Christmas! This is especially so as the "tulips" and "warm breezes" type of Spring can occur at our latitude just a week or two before full on summer weather and anytime up until then, snow is a definitely possibility. The reality is we have to dress with warmth in mind long after winter knits have been put away. Springtime knits are thus most practical and in this edition IK offers lots to consider in that category.

In the "New Lace" section the "Double V Cardigan" by Melissa Wehrle in Zitron "Savanna" really caught me eye. Daffodil Yellow, feminine yet tailored. A fabulous layering piece and as a cropped cardi, not a lifetime to knit despite the lovely all over linear lace pattern.

The Chevron Market Bag in ivory (Nashua Handknits Creative Focus) cotton- a more substantial take on the traditional string bag really appealed to me. It has a flat bottom that, along with the lower sides is knit in purl brioch stitch (that sounds fun to try!) which would keep small items inside where a typical string bag might let them slip through. The purl brioch is also used in the handle to make it more comfortable over the shoulder when fully loaded.

The cable lover in me is also drawn to the piece featured on the cover - a long cotton/wool blend tunic. It looks like it would be cozy to just the right degree in cool Toronto spring weather. I don't have the lovely slim figure that piece demands but still I love the look of it!

Ann Weaver's boxy "Transverse Cardigan" from the section on knits done side to side looks like it would be very fun to knit and it features asymmetry and big buttons - both of which I love. My fear with hand knits featuring off centre designs is that instead of looking interesting and inventive as they do on some people, on me they look like I made a mistake in the knitting. This cute cardi is tailored so as to eradicate that concern. I picture it in a light blue tweed yarn. Plus knitting from cuff to cuff? It just sounds fun!

"Betty's Tee" by Tram Nguyen using entrelac, the "Ringlet Tank" with short row cap sleeves and the "Jellyfish Bag" with its ridges and folds also scream "knit me" but also aren't too fussy to also suggest "wear me" or even "look good wearing me!"

The other thing I really like about this issue is the use of finer gauge yarns. The "Tissue Cardigan" knit in Misti Alpaca Lace is a particular favourite with its lacy yoke and eyelet detail mid sleeve and around the lower hem line. (I think eyelet is as well suited to Spring as polka dots - speaking of which - how about The" Audrey Cardigan" stitched in a Swiss Dot pattern!)

Okay, okay, I've got to land and face a bit of reality - it is mid February! Whatever the sun is doing, the Winter Olympics are on and I've got a bunch of wintery knits to finish up! The prompting of Ms. Jang. can be devilishly compelling but I'm going to bury this sunny, springy issue under a stack of winter knit mags and right now see to that other Jang-esque item in my life - TY!

Thanks for dropping by!


Stephanie said...

Hey, I got mine Friday too! I was a little surprised, especially since I am just about to cast on for a thick cabled pullover (just waiting for the yarn!). I think I'm putting this issue aside until I've started that... although it is awfully spring-like around here, too. The snow is actually melting. I didn't know it could do that before April.

Lorraine said...

I appreciate the review, because at almost 10.00 for a magazine, with tax, it adds up.

I used to buy sight unseen, but I like to see if there's anything that I may actually read or knit.