What a Week!

  • Monday in Passionknit at Toronto North Knitter's SnB I enjoyed looking at the walls of beautiful yarn. 
  • Tuesday I worked up playful bright samples to inspire the children of my Learn to Knit class.
  • Wednesday I attended the DKC and heard about creative inspiration.
  • Thursday new furniture arrived, radically changing the use of our rec room. That evening, at the Interior Design Show we walked about displays set up to show the "new" and "different".
  • On Friday a head cold the size of a freight train, took up residence in my sinus cavity, derailing my weekend as it pounds its way out through my face.
So many forces pressing me to reconsider my perspective. What's a knitter to do with inspiration a plenty but feeling so lousy I can't concentrate or focus?

Garter stitch a colourful bag of remnant Aran!

Mindless, quick, gratifying and entertaining as the colours work together (or don't). The eye perceives each colour on its own in one way but then in the overall context often reads it quite differently.

Up close as I knit its just a string of colours.

Toss it aside when the headache forces me to close my eyes and when I reach for it a couple of feet away on the coffee table its reminiscent of the watery colours of Monet's "Water Lillies".

Returning from fetching another box of tissues or more Zinc Lozenges I see the work from an even greater distance and discover what I thought were random colours to be forming discernable stripes.

On the "right" side the colours are bold and distinct.

On the "wrong" side, more muted, seeming to "melt" together and for some reason (maybe its the OTC cold remedy at play) it looks like there are more colours than are actully present.

I'm intrigued. I'm sick. I'm glad to have a new place to sit near the fire with something fun to do and of course I appreciate having made more room in the stash! I can only wonder whats in store next week?

Thanks for dropping by today!


Acorn to Oak said...

Busy week! Sorry to hear you're sick. At least you're able to take advantage of the healing time and play around with yarn and colors! Get well soon!

LynS said...

The colours are working so well - is it destined to be a cowl? I do hope you're feeling better.

Lupie said...

Hop eyou feel better. Both my daughters have colds but I guess the flu shot worked for me this year! So far!

Stephanie said...

Hopefully NOT A COLD is in store for next week! I have been fighting with a sore throat all day as well, but not so bad that I'm sitting back and knitting for the day - although it doesn't help that I am ready to graft a sock, forgot yarn for the second, and only have one skein of yarn (total! period!) that I could play with. But I did take a nap at least.

Oops, I've rambled quite a bit. Anyway – my fingers are crossed for a quick recovery!

Brenda said...

I am sorry to hear about your cold. I like your colour work and having new furniture is great. You were brave to buy the furniture BEFORE the interior design show.