A Riddle for You...


What's the connection between...a bag of multicoloured worsted...a bunch of adorable wee... needles and Police Headquarters?

Answer: (I bet Michele will get this right away)

I'm going to be teaching a little after school knitting class for kids!

In Toronto, (maybe across Ontario?), many organizations require people working with children to provide proof of a squeaky clean life. I need the most basic form of these checks which I can get done, while I wait at Police Headquarters downtown. They will then give me an official letter to submit to the school.

This school "gig" isn't something I sought out - rather it, via my Chiropractor's secretary, sought me (She may have witnessed the odd bit of knitting I've done in their waiting room.) She thought a knitting class would be a great addition to the extra curricular enrichment program she runs at her children's alternative school.) I was hesitant at first but eventually she convinced me to give it try. After a good Chiro adjustment I almost always laugh and feel quite giddy. I suspect she probably caught me at one of those moments when I was feeling ultra fab and took full advantage to get me to agree. (And just in case you are wondering - no I've never been a teacher, not even a camp councilor. I have been a full time parent for a few years - that's it.)

After that I'm headed back to Romni (I was already there on Saturday buying supplies for the class) for more needles and yarn since three more students have signed up at the last minute.

En route to these various downtown locales I will also be able to knit as Toronto Transit whisks me along to my destinations.

As running errands goes, I'm hoping today should be pretty enjoyable! I hope you have an enjoyable day too! Thanks for dropping by!


Michele said...

Have a wonderful time teaching knitting! I had a knitting club at my last school and we had a fabulous time. It was stitch and "you know what?" time LOL!

Brenda said...

Have fun with the class, Marie. How old are the children?
Hope you pass the police test. :)

Acorn to Oak said...

How exciting! That should be a lot of fun and very rewarding. :-)

Erin said...

I bet it will be a lot of fun. Enjoy it!

Lupie said...

A few years back I taught crochet classed after school in the elementary school I was teaching in. I have had several students, now in college, come back and thank me for teaching them because crocheting helps them relax.

Lorraine said...

I taught a class of kids, and it was wonderful. I even had some boys, which was great.

You'll love it.

Michelle said...

How wonderful! Enjoy your teaching session!