Number One Son High School Mitts FO

I've waited a while to post this because for this project, its really not about the knitting - its about the wearing and until they've been regularly worn, and so clearly not requiring adjustments of any kind, I couldn't think of these as truly "finished". But "worn" they now have been so here goes...

Pattern: (Very Loosely Based On) Manly Mitts from Knitty 
Colour: Grey #15
Needles: 3.25mm dpn's
Start: December 20, 2009 Finish: January 8, 2010
Modifications: Omitted Stranded Colourwork and all Increases above Cuff

The charcoal grey Ella Rae Classic Worsted is soft and woolly and rich and is a yarn and colourway I will definitely go to again. (The ball for these mitts is a remnant from Celtic Tote so this is already my second time using it.) Other than the fact this was my first time using a thumb gusset (again, it won't be my last!) Nothing at all exciting to report in terms of the knitting -  stockinette around 48 stitches, 2.5" of 2x2 ribbed cuff, a single round with some cream worsted and no shaping other than two alternate rows to close off fingers and thumb.

But in knitting mother terms, its all excitement  because HE LIKES THEM!

'Anybody remember "Mikey" from that cereal commercial in the 70's? Mikey wouldn't eat "anything" and then he ate the cereal his brothers rejected and they sat up and said "He likes it!"? That's pretty much how it is here with these mitts.

Number One Son is in that bionic phase of male adolescence where "cold" is simply not an issue (hunger is an issue - but that's another topic!) Wind chills, knee deep snow, downpours, in his mind none of it requires purpose built clothing. Plows clear the sidewalks don't they? Who needs boots? It won't be raining like that all day and with a hat, who needs an umbrella?...who would be seen dead in a raincoat? Not my boy! As for knits - they induce an instaneous level of overheated panic in the child/man so when he asked for mitts, the knitter in me was thrilled, the mother in me - skeptical.

Yet here we are, two weeks post completion and they've seen regular use! ('Except of course when its supposed to be  "hot" (0 degrees celcius as a forcast high "hot"? 'Depends who you ask!)

So Darling Daughter is wearing her scarf, Number One Son has his mitts on his hands - its all good in this mother's knitting world!

Thanks for dropping by!


Acorn to Oak said...

I'm so excited for you that he's loving and wearing them so much! Yay! :-)

Brenda said...

Nothing better than when you child likes your knitting. I used the Ell Rae for a pair of fingerless mitts and was really impressed too.

Sandra said...

sounds like my nephew. Which reminds me - must chel to see if he's wearing thr thrummed mitts...

Lupie said...

There is nothing like seeing your loved ones wearing something you made them.