Brand "Knew" Knitting Stuff

Despite knitting being one of my life long pursuits and given the near permanent fixtures in my hands that needles and yarn have become over the last three years in particular its interesting to me that my family, immediate and extended, consistently complain I am very hard to buy things for. No one ever thought of the obvious knitting opportunities for gifting - but as of this Christmas, it seems like they're starting to catch on!

Darling Daughter and my Baby Sister each gave me a knitting mag subscription. (VK and IK respectively) Love it!

In the gift draw for my in laws' family, the niece that drew my name was, despite being from out of town, savvy enough to stop by Passionknit when on a recent trip to T.O. and bought me a most generous gift certificate. As to what I'll use it for? Already did that - I put it toward this...
Oh my goodness its lovely stuff! 15% Angora 85% wool - all the nubby wooliness of an unbleached wool but so much softer and with the colours of the tweed adding an undeniable clean, citrus undertone the overall impression is fresh and young. I'm organizing my thoughts to work up a scarf for Darling Daughter - something wide and long and with a big cable featured in the middle.
My Beloved, a strong believer in the importance of investing in good quality tools, bought me a long coveted digital scale. No more guessing as to when I'm at the halfway point in a skein of sock yarn - yahoo! (A bit of a concern that these two "50 gram" balls are weighing in at less than 100 grams despite still wearing their labels - any thoughts on that? Yes the scale is on a box rather than the counter in the photo but in real life, the reading was the same in either location.)

Number One Son, down in the garage wood shop until the wee hours of Christmas morning won the prize for most original knitting gift with this...

Most impressive is the fact it actually fits and is sturdy enough to allow the counter to function.
I asked him where he got the mini clothes peg from. He clarified its a full sized peg that he reduced down in size to suit the situation. Darling Daughter pointed out that I will therefore be missing one. He further clarified it took a few tries to get it right so that I was going to notice I was down a "few more" than one. I haven't yet been brave enough to check the clothes peg basket to see if I have any left at all! Whatever the case though, I love it and I will use it!

What a lucky knitter I am eh?

Thanks for dropping by!

P.S. Please excuse the "look" of things around here... I started working on the side bar elements last week to bring them up to date etc. and haven't yet finished so I've chosen this template to keep them all at the bottom and out of immediate sight until I'm done.


Acorn to Oak said...

Sounds like you had a very knitterly Christmas! How fun! What a clever counter holder! I find it hard to use those because they're always rolling around and are so tiny. The ring holder looks very useful.

Brenda said...

Hey, tell you son that the knitting world could use a good engineer like him. The counter ring is the best! So original. I love the look of the Debbie Bliss. I must admit to never having used a DB yarn. Gasp. Maybe this year it should be a goal.

Amy said...

Look at you, knitting your daughter something out of that utterly scrumptious tweed! That's what I call love. :)

And your son has a huge future ahead of him, with good ideas like that.

Lisa R-R said...

Maybe this counter ring needs to be made by Lee Valley Tools? They like a quirky product.
Great gifts!
Lisa R-R

Julia said...

I am also amazed that those closest to me rarely buy me knitterly things as presents. You lucked out this year. What a haul!

Erin said...

Your row counter ring is AWESOME! Seriously, that son wins the prize in my mind. So cool.

Lupie said...

You must feel super blessed to have such a great son!
A future inventor!!!!