Year End Wrap Up

So how did this "Avid Knitter from the 80's just trying to catch up" do against that target in '09? Well let's see now...

Socks x9 +1 pair slippers
My '09 Goal was to try toe up construction and beyond that, explore sock construction in general. Did That! Three pairs knit toe up with afterthought heels and toes. One pair resolable and one pair with a short row heel and toe. The Red and White Ski Socks were also a first attempt at stranded colourwork on socks.
- Ysolda's Grown Up Booties - my first slippers not only turned out well but I wear them so much I'm contemplating making a second pair!

Sweaters x2
'09 Goal was to attempt more challenging patterns - Check! Tried Steeking, all over Fair Isle and Two Handed Knitting in the Round. I also focused this past year on cardigans rather than pullovers. Tangled Yoke would have made it a total of three finished this year. It is close but I won't make it and I'm not rushing. When I rush and I'm distracted I make stupid errors and the whole thing ends up taking longer than if I'd just taken my time. So though Tangled Yoke will end up in the 2010 FO column, its a great lesson learned in '09 none the less.

Scarves x3, A Shawl, A Cowl and a Headband
'09 Goal was to undo the beginnings of "Henry" and resurrect its foundation and the yarn into something wearable for my Beloved. Got that done - (its the red one) '09 also saw me try my first ever circular shawl a la EZ, first cowl and first headband.

Bags x2
Bags are just fun to make and useful too. The Celtic Tote turned out to be a fully functional purse and I get compliments on it all the time - although no one ever thinks I made it because they ask me where I bought it! The Debbie Bliss Pencil case has been my knitting notions bag for months
now and its holding up well and fits in the bottom of most purses.

One Baby Knit...
The Baby Boom around us seems to be easing so only one baby knit this year in the Debbie Bliss Ribbon Edged Cardigan I made without adding the ribbon edging. My love affair with DB Baby patterns continues!


I joined some groups, attended some of their meetings and started using Ravelry as a resource rather than just a data base of my own knitting life. I'm glad I did and I'm looking forward to doing more of it in 2010.


I neglected it, now I'm frozen out - I'll have to get back on top of that whole thing sometime in January.

Blogging and Blogs

'09 was my first full calendar year of posting. It seems to get easier and quicker with each passing month. It remains a fabulous way to communicate and connect with other knitters and as the number of people commenting grows, the whole thing becomes more and more like a conversation, which I love. The whole sidebar thing is totally out of control though - I've got to spend some time cleaning that up and making it more useful.

2009 also held great knitterly fun...

In January...I took a finishing course with Patrick Madden at the DKC Winter Workshops.
In April... I discovered Tanis Fiber Arts Yarn at the DKC Knitter's Frolic.

In June...I took an inspiring and empowering course with Annie Modesitt on Combination Knitting at The Naked Sheep.

In October... I won a sweater's worth of Alpaca yarn at the DKC Distributor's Showcase meeting
AND I meet another blogger in person that I'd previously only known on line (I'd never done that before!) when Brenda came to town AND I attended my first ever SnB at Passionknit with the ladies of the Toronto North Knitters. Phew that was a big month!

In November... 'won my first on line contest - and received my first ever knitterly package in the mail from Cheryl at Acorn to Oak! AND I attended a Knitty Roundtable at the Purple Purl with Cherilyn who always makes me laugh and one of the things I must admit is that I love laughing even more than knitting!.
In December...I entered the DKC in the Work of Our Hands Fashion Show for the first time and modelled my Fair Isle Cardigan to the ever appreciative DKC membership plus my long time friend Craftless Carol who kindly came to watch the proceedings despite being a non knitter.

My Goals for 2010? More time with Zimmermanesque concepts/patterns/formulae. Fewer stupid errors. Mittens. A Sweater for my Beloved - I haven't made one for him in 22 years or so - its probably time. Depleting my wee sock stash as it currently exists to make room for buying more! Maybe more felting. Those are just the ones at the top of my head right now as Number One Son breaths down my neck wanting to get at the computer.

Before I sign off for '09 though - I'd like to tell you all how much I enjoy your company here at Sel and Poivre. This blog feels like a cocktail party where I've just arrived and have been "talking" (through the comments) with only a few of the interesting guests so far but I do hope to eventually get a chance to "chat" with everyone. Some through the comments, maybe others in person at a knitterly activity in 2010 Toronto!

Thanks, as ever for dropping by and Happy New Year!


Michele said...

2009 was a very productive year for you dear Sel & Poivre.
I've enjoyed reading your blog and owing and ahing at your lovely creations. (Great photographer in the family, eh?)
All the best for 2010, hopefully we can meet up in person again ;-)

LaurieM said...

You've had an impressively successful year. Congratulations and here's hoping that 2010 is all you wish for.

Anonymous said...
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Acorn to Oak said...

What a beautiful post! And, what a successful year of knitting you had! Best wishes for a wonderful 2010 and lots of great knitting! I look forward to lots more visits to Sel & Poivre!

Tina said...

You were really productive last year! I will be with you this year re flickr and the side bar of my blog :-)
Best whishes for your 2010!

Stephanie said...

Wow! What a good knitting year. Are you going to try to top that or go in different directions? :) I'll try to drop in more often to see!