To Do Tatoos?

I need one of these but extra long - to go from my wrist to my elbow, both arms. If it weren't for the need to wear pants at this time of year I'd probably think about some to run the length of both legs.

Tonight I'm going to be in the DKC Work of Our Hands Fashion Show wearing my Fair Isle Cardigan .

Tomorrow morning - Christmas Coffee with the circle of friends I developed over the time our kids were in Elementary School.

Tomorrow night - Funeral Visitation with the family of a very dear, very old friend. This fellow introduced me to My Beloved. He spoke at our wedding while his ex stood up for me. She also attended at the birth of Number One Son. When we were first married they were our best "couple" friends. We will know all the family in the room. I'm sure it will be very intense on every level.

Friday - Funeral Service early afternoon, Family Christmas Caroling Party at night broken by dinner with kids in the midst of their 6 hours of choral rehearsal.

Saturday afternoon - Christmas concert at Roy Thomson Hall as the kids belong to the Alumni for this choir in which they both literally grew up. (Darling Daughter rose from keen 4 year old soprano to touring and recording soloist at 16 with a gorgeous rich alto voice. (I'm allowed to say that I'm her mother but I'm not the only one who thinks so!) Number One Son sang for a relatively scant 5 years, rocketing through the ranks as boy sopranos must do until his voice dropped 4 voice part levels in 6 months at the age of 12. His colourful baritone can now deliver two octaves and he has a pretty decent falsetto to boot. (Whatever you do don't tell anyone he goes to school with about any of this...I'm told widespread knowledge of this information among his schoolmates would not be good for his social status!) Anyway, this choir thing dominated our lives for a decade and a half (think AAA level hockey) so diving back into it requires no small amount of energy. Plus tradition has it we drop the kids at the hall at 8:30 for their 9:00 call time (4 hour dress rehearsal) and then spend the morning together, having a lovely Christmas lunch just the two of us prior to the concert. By the time we get home afterwards its dinner time. so Saturday is a preparation write off.)

Sunday - Sel and Poivre hosts Christmas for the 18 In-Laws for which will naturally demand a fair amount of the day before preparation that will be impossible to do. (See above note on need for To Do Tatoos.)

Really though its not Christmas To Do's at issue - gifts, wrapping, baking prep, decorations inside and out and two real decorated trees in the house is all taken care of and on track. Its household stuff that's at issue. Not the least of which is whether the new sectional will arrive in time for the weekend and if it does, what do we do with all the furniture currently in the room that we really can't dispose of yet in case the new stuff doesn't arrive. Two large armchairs and a huge chesterfield by the curb isn't really the festive look I'm going for at the front of the house.

And when exactly can I get the week's laundry done because nothing can happen in there until the furnace repair that should have been done two days ago happens today (hopefully, finally.)

And most concerning, I had a big spill in the oven last night that requires a thorough cleaning of the thing before it can be used to undertake the mountain of cooking and baking I need to do in the few free hours I have between now and Sunday.

You don't suppose posting right now is a bit of an avoidance technique do you?

Oh and as for knitting - yup, 'been at that - in fact I've completed two hot water bottle covers for absolutely no reason at all other than to just have the relaxation of doing something - anything unrelated to the unrelenting To Do List. I'll have to post about them but only after I get the oven cleaned, the laundry done, etc. etc. etc....


Michelle said...

I need one of those tattoos too!
I'm definitely going to make it to DKC tonight so I look forward to seeing your sweater in person and saying hello!

Aline la Bergère said...

I will not complain again...you have wayyyy more trouble at your end. Again, very sorry about your loss and thank you for posting to share all this despite the to do list! Warm hugs A. xx p.s. a little drink might help!

potoftea.wordpress.com said...

Its almost a conspiracy. I won't be at DKC tonight. Best of luck with modelling your gorgeous sweater!!

Michele said...

I love the tattoos, how perfect.
Enjoy DKC tonight. I just can't get it together this year, I can't make tonight's meeting either. Darn, I'd love to see the sweater.
Wow! That is a busy, busy, busy couple of days.

Brenda said...

Have I told you that I am tired just reading about your to do list? You will be the best dressed 'work of our hands' model for sure. And you are blessed to have such talented kids.

Tina said...

Hope you have enough strength for all! And can still enjoy the fun parts!

Sandra said...

yup, sounds like a typical Christmas...

Acorn to Oak said...

Looks like you're very busy. I'd love to see what the tattoo is but the link won't open up for me.