Knit Knews

My Christmas wind up is under full sail but I'm managing to squeeze in the odd bit of reportable knitting activity...
  • 2 Hour "visit" to Romni Wools yesterday - primarily timed to facilitate getting my Mother the 10 or 12 balls of variously coloured worsted to crochet the Blocks Coat by Kathy Merrick (in the linked photo its on the top right). I'm not sure of the actual number because that angel of a woman and mosaic colour work wizard knit designer Barbara Gregory was there and helped mom make her selections while I browsed around the store on my own! Thank you, thank you, thank you Barbara!
  • My browsing yielded some lovely royal blue tweed yarn to make a cardigan designed by Nora Gaughn from VK Winter 2006. I agonized over the blue vs some red tweed yarn but in the end the mirror at the door of Romni - right by the natural daylight told me blue was the way to go. (Why don't all LYS's have mirrors by the door? - its an invaluable tool when selecting colours you plan to wear!)
  • Aaaaaand I got two more balls of the Ultra Alpaca in a darker grey tone to accent the light grey I already have for a cozy Debbie Bliss pullover.
  • I'm getting things ready for post Christmas knitting. Unless and until I get everything done Christmas wise I'm not going to cast on another sweater until after the 25th. That's why I haven't any pictures - I put it all very quickly away when I got home so no accidental swatching or casting on occurs!
  • I did cast on last night for a bit of a head band to wear on my power walks. The cold may have held off thus far but I know it won't stay away for ever.
That's it in Sel and Poivre knit (k)news for (k)now. My lunch break over, I'm heading back out into the fray. I want the shopping done by the time My Beloved and his mountain of laundry and ironing arrives back home tomorrow night.)

As ever, thanks so much for dropping by!

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