He Gets an "A" for Effort

This is the street down which My Beloved went in search of the yarn shop I found on line and set him up with directions to get to. (The woman on the right reading my little packet of directions and list of possible purchases? I don't know - he did say he took a bit of an international entourage with him of people he ran into on his way through the lobby. One woman, who works for them in Australia went along despite thinking he was nuts buying yarn in Spain when we have so many sheep in Canada.

His jam packed schedule means that one brief window of opportunity to get there Monday morning will be his only kick at the can.
The yarn store is the third one down. "La Bacelana" right there in the heart of Barcelona. He says looking through the windows you can tell the store is about 2' wider than the store front. I thought Lettuce Knit here in Toronto was the smallest yarn shop in the word but its at least twice that wide!

He could only look through the window because yarn stores in Barcelona are closed on Mondays!!

Fortunately, even if they thought he was crazy, everyone who went along with him was happy for the 4k walk in the fresh air. Besides, other than My Beloved I'm sure none of them were exactly disappointed at the absence of an opportunity to buy yarn!

Maybe he actually deserves an A+ !

Thanks for dropping by!


Brenda said...

Definitely A+. Nothin' says lovin' - like yarn shopping in Europe for your stuck at home mate.

Acorn to Oak said...

Definitely an A+! What a sweet hubby! :-)

Lupie said...

If he were one of my students he would get double extra credit!!!

Erin said...

That is really sweet. It takes a special kind of guy to do that for you.

Michelle said...

Ahhhh, Barcelona! That is very sweet for trying!

Tina said...

Sure he deserves it! i think our men would come along together well! I am just imagining them buying yarn together :-)

Stephanie said...

Aww, wow! A+ for sure.