Negativity Bores Me

The "clouds" from my post yesterday have parted - feeling nasty just isn't entertaining! I've moved onwards, I feel like I made real progress - especially on that all important knitting front!

On other fronts we're trying to tie up more than a few loose ends from last spring's renovation work before taking our turn (once every three years) to host my in law's family Christmas Dinner December 20th.

There is painting to do but before that happens there's stuff to clear out so on the weekend we had a little photo shoot in the yard of things we're going to try to sell on line. (Interestingly much of the stuff we imagined was worth something was clearly only garbage once it was wiped off and out in the sunshine!)

There were naturally a couple of items that I had second thoughts about getting rid of at all - these are two of them...
They're dressed to illustrate the clothes my in-laws wore on their wedding day. As far as I know there are no photos of that event so I think its quite lovely that their finery was captured with needle and thread.
I've had this close up of their faces as my wallpaper all week and I feel like I've made a couple of new friends! Although their faces are clearly from identical blanks there's an undeniable sense of surprise in the way the bride's face has been painted with more of a smirk in his expression.

Aaaaand I can report following my purging rant in yesterday's post I had a successful night of knitting with no errors! The shaping is complete on the back of the brown cardigan so a few dozen rows of knitting straight is all that's left on that piece. Once that's done there's one sleeve to go and its on to assembly! I'm a bit worried the size is too large to give the eyelets a chance to shine via negative ease but I'm not turning back now.

I've taken to toting my Christmas gift knitting around the house to steal every possible moment of opportunity I can and that yielded a couple more inches of ribbed cuff yesterday so that's feels good too.

Tonight is the November DKC meeting which will be a great opportunity for Christmas sock knitting on the subway there and back as well as during the presentation. Its amazing how the state of the knitting can so affect the state of this knitter's mind!

Thanks for dropping by!


Michele said...

Oh dear, did you get to DKC? I keep forgetting the dates of the meetings. But with tonight and the subway closure, I don't think I'd have made it down there.

Brenda said...

I think those looks of 'surprise and smirk' are probably quite common looks for bride and groom.

Acorn to Oak said...

It seems kind of sad to think that your parents don't have any photos of their special day. But, the dolls are cute and, I'm sure, very special.