Well Look at That!

Assembly has begun! The fiddly work of setting in the sleeves is done...
Its just the straight line sides and underarm assembly to go. I should able to do that and work on the ribbed button band and collar tonight! By the start of next week I should be on to finishing Tangled Yoke (in the same year I started it!).

I'm fantasizing about a knitting basket in pre Christmas December with nothing but amusing little Christmas knits in it. Then between Christmas and New Years working the Merino Lace Socks I started back in July. That could lead to greeting the new year with no outstanding/neglected/ knitting commitments nagging at me and a world of potential new knit love interests waiting to be discovered!

Well look at that - 10 days still to go in November '09 - two sweaters and three Christmas gifts to complete and my brain is already busy knitting yet to be determined items in 2010! Ah the power of vicarious knitting - where stitches are never miscounted, ease is always calculated to perfection and the pattern directions "...at the same time..." are always noted and applied without ever having to rip back!

Thanks for dropping by - have a great weekend!


Stephanie said...

Ha! Your brain isn't at all pressuring you, nope. But how exciting to be close to finishing TWO sweaters!

You know, I think my dad has been hinting that he wants me to knit him a sweater for a year and a half. And I *just* realized this. I definitely don't have time. (Well - what he says is he wants a sweater! But why buy one when I can knit one?)

Brenda said...

Hee.Hee. The knitters brain. It never stops, does it?
Your sweater looks good. Can't wait to see the modelled shots.

Michele said...

I LOVE the idea of starting 2010 with a clean knitting slate. Oh the freedom to go into yarn stores and buy wool and dream of all the lovely sweaters and socks and scarfs. Are we not a silly bunch when it comes to projects.

I'd love to be thinking along the same line but I have way too many projects in process and tons hibernating. Some I now know I'll be frogging and forgetting, but NEW, NEW well it calls my name all the time, especially when all those wonderful magazines have so many patterns calling my name.

I too am looking forward to the modeling of the new sweater. This will be two intricate sweaters complete in such a short time. Roll onto the Tangled Yoke and I'm sure you'll be setting a record.