Blocking Board Deets

Well the buttons were bought and fastened onto the Eyelet Cabled Cardi, the soaking is done. Blocking is underway.

After my post about pinning the pieces of this knit out to better see and understand my pesky mistakes there were a couple of questions about the blocking board I was using. Its a board meant and generally sold for sewing - laying out and cutting/working with pattern pieces.

Its made of cardboard so pins go through it quite readily but then once there hold fast. Air flows all the way around blocking knits because of the board's paper construction. This cuts the drying time substantially - and I can't believe how fast things dry when you add a fan!
Because it folds up like an accordion it stores fairly easily but fully open its large size accommodates big or multiple pieces all at once.
I especially like the fact that once loaded up, it will lean against a wall without disturbing a well pinned garment - especially pinned with blocking wires! This frees up the floor for those picky non knitters who insist on needing to use floor space for walking and moving around a room. Sheesh!

The boards are available at sewing stores and I understand cost about the same as they did when I bought mine 20 years ago - $20.00 or so.

While I've always used the board for sewing I never thought to use it for blocking knits until last winter when I took a finishing course at a DKC winter workshop. I've used the tips and tricks Patrick Madden shared with us in that day long session many times since. The post about what I learned, if you're interested is here.

Thanks for dropping by today. 'Hope you have a good one!


Acorn to Oak said...

That's a great tip. I never would have used one of those boards because I thought the wet garments would ruin the cardboard. The size would be great and the lines too.

Angelika said...

The professional blocking boards I sell are not cardboard. They are designed for pinning and ironing and wet or steam blocking. They also fold. I love mine.

I believe cardboard ones will not hold up to steam blocking.

Brenda said...

Thanks for the reminder of your great blocking post. I use a four inch thick piece of foam covered in gingham but it takes a long time for things to dry. I like your idea.

Sandra said...

I have that exact board on my sewing table. I don't block on it becasue it's always covered in sewing projects, and I have the foam boards for that, but still, what a great space saver option.

Shari said...

What a great idea! I hate blocking items because I have to use my living room rug and then spend my time yelling at cats, dogs and kids to get off of it. Thanks for the idea, I now know what to ask hubby for christmas.

Stephanie said...

So you don't have to worry about wet things doing bad things to it? And you can stand it up? This might be the perfect solution to my "how will I ever block things well" problem - problem 1 being no space to pin things and problem 2 being if I set something on a table at home two cats are going to snuggle it.

The link you supplied was $76, not $20, though, but I might check my local sewing store and see if they have a similar thing.