I've never won a contest on line and I've never had a knitting package arrive in the mail...until TODAY!

What a coincidence - that's exactly what I'm doing!

Cheryl you have no idea what a super bright spot you just put into my day - all the way from the other side of the continent no less!
(btw I've never had pretty stitch markers before either!)
Now I know what needles I'll be using for next October's Pink Breast Cancer Scarf but what can I knit that will put these beauties to best use asap!?!


Acorn to Oak said...

Yaaaayyy! I'm so happy you got it! How fun to see pictures on your blog of what I just sent to you. I'm glad you're enjoying it! :-)

Brenda said...

Oh, how much fun is that?
I win so seldom, that my usual response to contests, is not to bother. I'm glad you won, though.

BarbS said...

Oh, pretty! Surely you have a scarf or shawl you've been planning that you can do with these needles?

Pooch said...

Beautiful treasures! How fun to have a package to open and find knitting items. Congrats and Happy Knitting!

Stephanie said...

How exciting! I love getting gifts like that.