Getting Ready to Remember

The folks at Fort Hood, Texas are in my thoughts this morning and of course I'm especially conscience of the sacrifices of all service men and women and their families this month.

So I thought I'd re post the link to this pattern for anyone who is interested. I knit the one above last year. Its very quick to make and of course, important to wear at this time of year. Why not take a few minutes this weekend and a few yards of red and black remnant yarn and knit up something that will remind anyone who sees it on your lapel to Remember the Sacrifices so many have made and continue to make for all of us!

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Michele said...

Hey M., Thanks so much for the pattern for the Poppy. I always lose mine, so having a beautiful pin would be a delight. I'm going to break my rule and buy some red and black yarn and make a bunch this weekend for me (and maybe some co-workers)