Friday Fun

I'm off to the Creative Festival in search of Shetland wool. A vendor from the UK will be there with some so I plan to see if anything inspires me to purchase a sweater's worth.

I want to try out an EZ sweater "formula" and try buying yarn by weight rather than by a prescribed number of balls or skeins.

I could do this at many of the great Yarn Shops in the city but once I get around a quantity of yarn my mind often goes to mush. Better to be in a situation of forced focus. (I've been to this show before - it features a wide variety of crafts so the yarn offerings will likely be fairly limited.) I'll probably spend an inordinate amount of time staring at one or two skeins while the other less encumbered knitters, happily chatting and oooing and ahhhhing will just be inspired to pick up what they love, buy it and move on.

After the Creative Festival, its off to the Ski Show with My Beloved and Number One Son after which we'll meet up with Darling Daughter for dinner. Hopefully I'll make it home in time to finally finish the Fair Isle yoke and collar. Orange is now the colour where golden yellow used to be. Soft Green tops the band of circles. I am satisfied with the effect. Please oh please yarn gods - let this be the last time I head for the collar of this thing!

We plan to go back up north in the morning. We may close up for good and head right back or stay over and do the final close on Sunday. I'd like to take along the Fair Isle and work on hand stitching the steek and grafting the sleeves to the body so I could block it on Sunday or Monday.

I hope you have some Friday Fun today and a great weekend ahead!

Thanks for dropping by!


Sandra said...

my foray to the Creativ festival on Sunday got kiboshed by family drama. I'm slightly pissed about it. Okay, more than slightly. Hope you find what you need and love.

Brenda said...

I know what you mean about the knitting things being fairly limited at the CNF. I hope you find what you are looking for.