One Thing Leads to Another

It all started with this yarn...

Lion Brand Fisherman's Wool. Undyed, lanolin intact, a fabulous shade of brown.- I got three skeins - a sweater's worth - on sale at Micheal's in August for less than $25!

I am fully in love with this yarn and keep imagining it in so many knits there's a real danger that left to my own devices I might well be covered head to toe in it by Christmas!

I'm sure there's a proper name for its construction but it feels as though its unspun - its not - but that's how it seems in the hand.

I love the way it looks in a cable - so rich - but also in garter - so rustic. (Frankly I love the way it looks in the ball with its brown paper ball band!)

I swatched it, for, among other things, this VK Winter '09 cardigan.
Then I came home with some Paton's Divine in "Chantilly Rose" that was donated to the DKC for knitters to make into and then donate Breast Cancer Scarves. (Hey Cheryl - count me in for your October contest! And to blogless Cherilyn - I'm going to have this ready for the next meeting - will you have yours?) Its the same yarn as I used for last year's Breast Cancer Scarf and I was having trouble imagining it in another design so I left it in view in the hopes of having inspiration jump out at me.

The Fisherman swatch was similarly lying around as I pondered its suitability for the planned Cardigan. While playing with the swatch doing just that I spied the pink yarn across the room and it occurred to me I might well put the cable from the cardi and the DKC yarn together to good effect for a scarf. Of course I'd need some garter stitch either side to counter rolling edges but I thought it was worth a try.
So last night, I have to admit, I "strayed" a bit, I left the Fair Isle Cardi - now all on one needle - on its own for the evening. The Pi Shawl will be blocked today so I thought casting on for something else seemed fitting!

After two repeats of the pattern I was convinced this yarn and pattern were a great match.

So something from the stash meets one from the queue which begets a WIP as the lastest FO hits the Aqua bath. Ahhhhh knitting!


Acorn to Oak said...

I like the look of that Fisherman's Wool knit up. The brown color is so rich and nice too. It does look nice with it's brown paper wrap. :-) I'm glad you're joining in on the Breast Cancer Challenge on my blog. Your scarf looks great! I'll be adding more to the prize and posting it in a week or so.

Brenda said...

I love the colour and look of that Lion Brand yarn. I didn't know it was available at Michaels. I have had 'The Must Have' cardi in my queue for a looong time. It that yarn looks perfect for the Must Have. Thanks for the tip.

acommonthread said...

ooh, glad to hear you like the fisherman's wool. i bought some a while back for an afghan, but haven't started working with it yet, and was wondering how it would feel all knit up.