Knitterly Links

In my dark moments yesterday (before receiving so much wonderful encouragement in the comments - I can't thank everyone enough!) I tried to make myself feel a bit better with a little net surfing in search of happy knit/wool related goodies.

These are some of the better ones I found...

Leaves... from The Runcible Bin

Probably the nicest child's sweater I've ever seen knit at "Met 2 pinde" (just guessing here but I think that translates to "With 2 needles" The crochet vest FO just above the sweater is pretty fabulous too!).

Pure Retro Fun at "Handmade by Mother" - it'll take you back! (Scroll down a bit but also check out the sections search able by decade!)

And finally - entertainment from sheep that doesn't involve knitting? (This is too, too cool!)


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Brenda said...

m quite ashamed to tell anyone how much time I spend on the computer. If the addiction was to alcohol, there would be bottles stashed everywhere.