Eye Candy Monday

Have you ever heard that old saying

Red Sky at Morning, Sailors take Warning
Red Sky at Night, Sailors Delight

Between six and seven Saturday morning at the cottage - this was the show we enjoyed as the sun came up...
...And yes, rain did follow, so the saying held true (at least for us on Saturday!)
A busy beaver even swam past. (They swim faster than you think - hence the blurriness) This happens fairly often around dawn and dusk but so much more spectacular tinged in red! (I wonder if he noticed the red sunrise as he swam along after breakfasting on the young shoots along our shoreline.)
Some of the trees were matching the early morning sky - but its only about 30% changed - still a long way to go!
Something else is changing too - the hard won calluses from hours of water skiing, wake boarding and barefoot skiing over the summer are starting to be shed from Number One Son`s hands after just three weeks back inside at a school desk. No one values an education more than we do but after seeing the benefits a healthy summer on the water has on him, it seems such a shame to send him indoors to his studies.
And speaking of being indoors - the screened porch underwent its annual autumn makeover - its huge screened windows that let us be outside while also in are all covered with the tarps that protect the porch and its contents from the snow and wind over the winter.

I hope you had a grand autumnal weekend wherever you were, however your sunrise looked. Thanks for dropping by!


Acorn to Oak said...

It looks like you enjoyed a spectacular light and color show! That top photo is gorgeous!!!

Julia said...


Sandra said...

I've always wondered if we should tarp our screened porch - we currently leave it open to the elements, and haven't yet had any issues with doing that - we of course empty it out of anything that could be hurt by this, but tarping is an option we may have to look into...