Wine Cork Board FO(ish)

A recent post referencing our project to make a wine cork board at the cottage received a few interested comments so I when I was back up north last week I took more snaps to share. To recap, I made a huge error in assessing how much my 3 years' worth of corks would cover which meant we had to revisit how to make this board a reality waaaay in advance of having enough corks to fill it even as the behemoth of a frame that was already assembled and its spattering of roly poly corks hogged the entire cottage dining room table for days on end in July.

In the end My Beloved had the concept of breaking the single expanse of the frame's interior into 5 separate sections by adding four cross pieces. This allowed us to partially fill the middle and outer side sections with wine corks and the remaining two sections with cork boards purchased at a craft store while minimizing the resulting hodge podge appearance.

The board's mitered pine frame is about 7' x 2.5'. (I can't get back far enough in our narrow little hallway to get a better shot)

Its held flush on the wall by two screws over which two slots at the back of the frame simply slide. This keeps any knocks the board might receive from pulling it off the wall as well as providing a nice solid surface for tacking photos up, taking them down and moving them around as I'm keen to do. The corks lie just a bit below the edge of the frame on a thin piece of 1/4" ply wood and are held in place with wood glue.
(There was one coloured cork in the collection - a RED one - obviously my favourite so I took care not to cover it up.)

(Below you can see the corks in the middle section and the cork boards in the sections on either side.
We'll work at filling the three wine cork sections until they are done and then we'll trim the cork board areas to accommodate each year's accumulated corks as we collect them.

We could of course, get corks from friends and family to speed up the process but we're keen to use only our own so we'll have to be patient. In the meantime, the solution works - the photos are up, evoking all kinds of wonderful memories as we pass by the frame many times each day.
But the board also allows for changing the display whenever we choose and frankly there are so many photos on it, its hard to even see just how incomplete the actual cork collection really is.

So its not an FO and won't be for some time to come. Its definitely a WIP but maybe that will be part of its ongoing charm.


Acorn to Oak said...

Sounds like a fun project. How did you attach the corks? Did you use a glue gun?

CanarySanctuary said...

What a cool idea! I love the look of it.