Odds and Ends

The most adorable of our weekend guests...

His name is Gus - he's a "puggle" (pug/beagle cross) Gus is on a diet. Poor Gus - he couldn't decide whether to hang out at the BBQ or the kitchen in the hopes of catching a scrap of something other than kibble. (In the end neither location yielded a thing to help a poor "starving" dog! ;( )

The looks of the sky 80% of the time since the end of June.

Water skiing and wake boarding "lessons" (where we cajole guests into "just trying!") went ahead as planned despite frigid winds and sunless skies ( Contrary to what these pictures might imply all participants were ultimately successful too!)

Afterthought sock knitting is progressing more slowly than anticipated. (Yes that is a wee peek of sun in the lower left corner!) I have now got toes on both white and blue versions.

This is the framework for a "cork" board made of wine corks for which I've been planning and saving corks over the past three years.
Wine drinking is going to have to accelerate significantly if we're to fill it anytime this decade. Perhaps I should have thought this through a little more carefully. We might just have to re think our guest list to include more wine lovers!

Thanks for dropping by!


Stephanie said...

I *love* the pictures of the sky.

Acorn to Oak said...

I like your corkboard/frame. What a fun project! Is it going to be a wall hanging or a table or ?? I've been saving corks for years for something like this too. Unfortunately, I got into an extreme cleaning mood a few years ago and threw most of them away. I wish I hadn't and I've been saving again ever since.