FO Ribbon Edged Cardigan (Sans ribbon!)

Colour: 005
Needles: 3.5 & 4mm straights
Start: July 1 Finish July 9, 2009
Modifications: Omitted pleated ribbon edging

This little lovely is made of the yarn my menfolk were sent to Romni to select. I would never have picked this colour in a million years but I couldn't be happier that they did! They were sent in search of the soft pink called for in the pattern (how original am I?) but wisely shied away from the three balls from three dye lots that were available.

Knitting this yarn on the larger 4mm needles than is usually called for yielded fabric with a very nice drape that I think will be very comfortable on the baby. The pattern creates this little nubby lines of purl bumps that are kind of sunken into the stitch. Its not overpowering - just the right scale in the little lines that travel up and down the body and sleeves.

I am totally in love with the buttons - found in town at the "Sewing Centre". They add a playful girlie quality I like very much - especially with the chocolate brown thread!

Obviously this is a super quick easy little knit but I tried to be mindful while working on it of some of the things I learned in the Modesitt class at the end of June. To start with I knit the back using Combination Knitting. The rowing out was pretty bad although I did get much quicker as I practiced more. In the end I decided to knit the fronts and sleeves in my usual manner. Here's a pic of the reverse side of the back done in Combination Knitting - see the pairs of rows "rowing out"?...

Here's a shot of a section from the reverse side of one of the frontsdone in Western Knitting where my tension is much more even...

I also often found myself thinking of how much I would like a sweater in this design and yarn (a slightly bigger size though!)

With the cold weather we've been having the tiny recipient should be able to wear it right away!

Thanks for dropping by!


Michele said...

Such a pretty sweater. What savvy menfolk you have to know not to buy yarn with different dye lots!
Great knitting weather this summer, too bad I'm too tired after all the stuff I'm trying to get done.
Are you going to the Knitty Round table later this month?

Sandra said...

so cute! And the dye lot thing - impressive! I'm not sure my men would know that, then again, my men would not go into a yarn shop.

Julia said...

Sigh... that Debbie sure knows what she's doing with the baby stuff, doesn't she? Great job! So cute!

tiennie said...

It is a very pretty sweater!

Acorn to Oak said...

Nice sweater! :-D