What's Going On Here?!

My closest LYS is having a huge sale, it starts today at 12:00. Given my line of work, there's nothing stopping me from being there when the doors open but I can't seem to get excited enough about it to bother dropping in!

Its not a total absence of all excitement...I'm excited that Mr. Rabbit has left quite a few of the my new pea shoots intact (so far)...the grass seed has germinated and with the cool, damp weather the bare spots in the lawn are filling in nicely...the drastic pruning of all the shrubs in the front of the house is 70% complete...perennials to be shared with my sister have been dug, potted for transport and are off to their new home...ditto bare root roses for sharing with friends. New stairs for back porch, 'more than half done...primed and painted porch trim installed, freshly painted shutters on front of house - also back up...new window in en suite primed and painted.  Gardening equipment purged, reconciled and ready for move to newly claimed potting bench. Gigantic photo/video/home movie/slide/35mm negative organization efforts well under way...purge of all household files nearing completion...archived tax and supporting documents purged and stored...Darling Daughter's new upholstered headboard built, primed, painted, padded, covered and installed...funeral-related thank you notes very close to finished.

Having the end in sight for so many things that have been languishing on the Household To Do List is VERY EXCITING INDEED.

New Yarn? Not so much. (Its alarming!)

I'm frogging the retro ribbed sock - my pudgy calf is making  the train track ribs look more like geese flying in V formation. My gauge swatch was correct and the sock fits but I just don't like the way it looks. Besides I can tell I'm going to have more than enough yarn in the Tanis Fiber Arts fingering weight to make a nice generous and cozy pair so why put up with short and stretched?  The ribbing will ensure than even with a looser fit they should stay up nicely and be able to go further up my leg. I've been using 2.25mm. I'll try again with 2.75's.

Just like my potted purple basil, my resolve to work on Tangled Yoke has withered. I think my knitting mojo might be just out of sight at the bottom of that knitting basket...there's still time to make it to the sale - maybe I'll just go take a peek and see if I can find it...


Acorn to Oak said...

Sounds like you've been verrrrry busy! I bet it feels great to be accomplishing so much.

It feels weird to lose knitting enthusiasm...disturbing even. That happened to me earlier this year. But, one day, a pretty little ball of yarn (Katia Calibri) got me excited again. Yay! Who knows?...Maybe something at the sale will spark some knitting excitment for you today! :-)

Anonymous said...

Wow - considering how busy you've been, I don't think it's at all surprising that you aren't excited about yarn! Especially with the socks not working out properly and the TY put aside for a while, I imagine that knitting right now probably feels almost like another chore to be done. I get this way, too - usually when I've gotten over-enthusiastic and cast on too many projects, which then feel like they are all clamoring for my attention, and then end up sitting around for weeks (or months) until I can stand to work on them again. Look at it this way: if you go on a "yarn diet" now, and skip the sale, you can indulge yourself later when your mojo is back and you are itching to start that fabulous new project!

Brenda said...

Wild and crazy knitting enthusiasm has eluded me too this year. I think it has to do with the crappy weather we have had ever since Jan 1st.

I've been reading about Julie's
(from Needle Emporium) Tent Sale
and the best I can come up with is "Nah don't think so".

Michele said...

Hmmm, who's having a sale? Wouldn't that be my closest LYS too? But maybe I share your lack of enthusiasm other that interest in knowing what store for which you mention 'cause I'm a nosy sort of person, I'm really not interested in shopping for yarn. Strange, really strange. Oh and I'm not digging this weather. I want some warmth, just a little, don't like the humid hot weather, but I like the highs in the 20's.