Vicarious Knitting

Just as planned I scooted downstairs to my Laundry Oasis yesterday afternoon leaving Number One Son to writhe around the desk disaster area with his studies. After working hard in the garden all morning it felt great to watch the rain come down and get at the ironing. (Sadly I must tell Sandra, in response to her comment, I didn't come close to finishing all that's waiting for me down there so it doesn't look like I'll be able to take her up on her kind offer to do her ironing when I'm done with mine. ;) )

There was never any hope I would get it ALL done but I may have finished more of it were it not
for my opening up all the cases in which I keep my little stash, the cupboard doors in which I keep my patterns, books and files, several magazines at items of interest, my Vogue Stitchionary and then gazing at the array while generally day dreaming my way through ironing shirt after shirt after shirt.

When something would congeal into an idea, I jotted it down. Some of what I noted was junk, wouldn't work, needed more or different yarn than I could extract from my stash but I think there were a couple of good ideas that came out of it. (Not original ideas, just ideas for projects I could enjoy working on this summer.)

It felt like good (if vicarious) "knitting" time.

Yesterday I also saw the results of some incredible real life knitting on another new (to me) blog.

This young guy is knitting lace, with yarn that looks like fuzzy thread and he drops a stitch. So he proceeds to work at picking it back up. The lace leaf "pattern" he's using features more air than yarn. The unblocked "leaves" look like indiscriminate knots. Dealing with a dropped stitch in such a pattern is surreal to me. But the comments include a lot of "yeah, been there, done that, too bad - here's what you do to fix it" kind of sentiment!

Check this guy and his traumatic story out for yourself! Will you be amazed or are you another "been there, done that" knitter?


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Yikes! That lace project he's doing and that hole look like a nightmare to me!