Trying Not To Gush

So I'll start instead with a cold hard fact...

Annie Modesitt is a wicked great teacher.

(Yesterday I took her Combination Knitting class at the Naked Sheep LYS.)

Like a skilled pilot she navigated the class through the content and it was a smooth flight that arrived at its promised destination - on time and on target. Along the way no one crashed or burned from self criticism or self consciousness. She left adequate time for, facilitated and encouraged repetition of each new element she introduced. The class was well paced and well planned out. All of this combined to empower everyone to just be there, in the moment, internalizing the new information.

And she knows the terrain - the techniques and how her students come to learn them. She applied that knowledge to her delivery and it maximized my comprehension and retention. There was even "in flight entertainment" as she peppered the lesson with funny observations and references, personal anecdotes and apt analogies. She finished with a poetic landing of sorts teaching us her personal (and uber clever) technique for casting off.

As I left the shop I experienced a sensation no other class has ever left me with. I felt like a capable knitter with more in my knitting arsenal than when I arrived. And instead of feeling wrung out I was invigorated.

If you have the chance to take a class with Annie Modesitt do it! Take the day off, take the money out of your yarn budget, drive a distance to get there, whatever it takes its worth it! (And that's not gushing - In my opinion its just another cold hard fact!)

Thanks for dropping by - have a great weekend!


Michele said...

That sounds like a great class. I really wish I had more energy in June. I will keep Annie Modesitt's name in mind and I will watch for her classes for the next time she is in town.

Brenda said...

Sounds wonderful. It's a gift to teach as you say she does.