My Knitter's Clock

I'm sure you all clearly recognize the above as a "Knitter's Clock".

The knitting basket and cup of coffee are combined, in such a "device" to work so that when the hot coffee is gone, coincident with the knitting reaching a pre-determined length its "time" to stand up and undertake other/less entertaining activities.

This morning I used my Knitter's Clock to prevent a few stolen moments out on the porch, after My Beloved had gone to work and before our "wee babes" were stirring, from becoming more than my very busy schedule for today will allow.

The heavy scent of peonies was wafting up out of the garden. A flock of starlings was raiding my neighbour's cherry tree while he vainly tried to shoo them away. An adolescent squirrel plucked short maple stems to build the beginnings of a squirrelesque tree fort and Mr Robin was marching around the yard on the hunt for the worms that occupy our rich, organic soil. It was busy out there and it wasn't even 6:30 yet! It drew my attention down to the garden, away from the task at hand. It put my Knitter's Clock slightly off time. I had "set" the clock to get me to the ankle bone from my first ever provisional cast on for my first ever toe up sock! (To be honest, this is my third run at my first ever toe up sock in as many days - more fit issues as in Retro Rib but you know what I mean!)

It threw my Knitter's Clock right off - with the coffee gone and I was still an inch or so from the ankle.

If I make better than planned progress on my to-do list this morning maybe I'll set the "clock" with knitting and iced tea early this afternoon!

Thanks for dropping by!


Julia said...

My knitter's clock doesn't read times like "6:30am". In fact, I think it just blinks 12:00! 12:00! 12:00!

Acorn to Oak said...

Sounds like a beautiful morning out on your porch with the green, the sun, the birds, the squirrels, a hot cup of coffee and knitting....ahhhhhh! Best wishes on your newest attempt at toe-up socks. You're further along than I am...I keep wanting to try it and always end up doing it the "old fashioned way".

Glenna said...

Ahh, hot beverage as knitter's clock! So true! That logic also works for, ahm...the adult beverages around 6pm or so ;) Oh garcon, my wine glass needs a refill..