I Went. I Bought.

Have you ever built a fire in a frigid cabin on a cold morning in the woods? 'Had the experience of gently, hopefully blowing on meagre embers to encourage them to flame into a crackling fire and yet also been fearful, lest your efforts extinguished rather than encourage? That same cold, fearful but hopeful feeling is the one I carried in the pit of my stomach as I ducked out of the rain and through the doors of Passionknit midday yesterday to check out their annual spring sale.

Fresh from a "cheery" morning of Funeral-related thank you notes and letters I was feeling as bleak as the weather.

Just like at the DKC Frolic I was instantly drawn to every grey toned yarn in the place.  I caught myself at it though and forced myself away from the dark side (as a knitter in Star Wars might well have to do? ;) ) and it seems I made it into the light!

Here' the haul...(I know, by many knitter's standards this wee bit doesn't qualify as a "haul" but for this stash-averse knitter, its quite somethin'!)

Lang Silk Dream 50/50 Merino Silk - its a true olive colour (the artful name of this colourway is "#696.0097"! I hate it when company's express colours numerically - its so insufficient!) This one's planned for Backyard Leaves by Annie Modesitt. The colour is perfect and I think it will be a great summertime project for the cottage. 50% off means I'll have the scarf (and the fun of making it of course!) for about $20.00!

Then there's this...

Sublime kid mohair blend (60% mohair/35% nylon/5% merino). Its colourway #29 "Vellum".

Remembering a mohair throw my Grandmother had I've long wanted to make a very basic rectangular knit in just this kind of yarn. Debbie, the store owner tells me it has been discontinued so I'm going to keep an eye out for it at discounted prices elsewhere in coming months. It was 25% off yesterday and I bought 7 balls (784 m) all they had in this colourway. For the reduced price its worth buying now even though it will likely be months before I get around to working on it.

Who's kidding who, unless I start knitting with some regularity (and success) It'll be YEARS before I get to it! I'm hopeful that won't be the case though - I felt a distinct warmth in my chest despite the wind and rain that greeted me as I left the store with my little bag of yarn. Maybe those knitting embers, with the help of a bit of fiber tossed on them, aren't past the point of generating a little flame after all! Fingers crossed!

BTW thanks for dropping by! The comments that came in yesterday as I wrote my thank you's were a big help in getting me out the door. Interestingly, Barb's comment perfectly summarized my feelings when she wrote
"...with the socks not working out properly and the TY put aside for a while, I imagine that knitting right now probably feels almost like another chore to be done."
Reading that made things seem like they were just the product of a momentary little snit I'm having with my knitting and less like a big huge impasse that I might never overcome. Thanks Barb - I needed that!


Acorn to Oak said...

It's great to hear that you've got that little flame burning again. :-) Sounds like it was a good day.

Brenda said...

Wow. If knitting mojo ever gets as hard to kindle as my smoldering camp fires I'll be in big trouble.

Anonymous said...

Glad my comment helped! Love the olive yarn, but I also do not understand why they can't give yarn colors a name instead of a number. Anyway, the scarf looks like fun, and I'm glad you found something to inspire you again!

Stephanie said...

Yours and my knitting mojo are probably on vacation somewhere nice and carefree.

I challenge you to buy orange yarn next time! ;) I'm sure your knitting mojo will come back sooner or later, with just enough time to get everything done. (Mine, on the other hand...)