Good Stuff!

  • I'm taking a class on Combination Knitting taught by Annie Modesitt! (Naked Sheep - the Beach - Toronto - (there's still room left in both classes Michelle!).  This approach of creating a better fabric with less hand strain seems like pure practical brilliance. Plus after following her blog for the past couple of years its evident she has one of the more original brains in the knitting design world. Original thought is sooooo rare! Original thinkers are real treasures. 'Can't wait!
  • My DKC newsletter arrived today reminding me of the June meeting next week. I think I may just make it this time! (At least I'm going to try!)
  • I've made plans to meet another DKC knitter for lunch - I don't generally take time out from "work" or splurge on doing the lunch thing so it'll be a real treat.
  • I'm enjoying knitting Retro Rib! I'm not making stupid errors. I'm finally able to focus on what I'm doing. I'm even finding myself thinking about squeezing in "a few more rows" just because I want to!
  • The knitting finally going well may be surprising but its no shock the Tanis Fiber Arts Fingering Yarn is very nice to work with.  The knitted fabric is soft but has great structure as well as stretch - no doubt aided both by the ribbed pattern and the larger 2.75 mm dpn's I switched to after frogging my first attempt.
And the most goodest thing?...
  • I've started back to power walking - yesterday and today - its only twice but its twice in two days - at least I got out there and the plan is to head out again tomorrow!
'Hope you're having a good day yourself!  Thanks for dropping by!


Aline la Bergère said...

Just to say ' hello! ' happy knitting dear friend, a.xx

Michele said...

Oh the classes sound great. I wish they weren't offered in June. June is hell month for us and this week has been awful. Took my sister to the dentist yesterday and she had a fall and has ended up with a possible fracture of her right ankle. Poor baby. So a 4 hour journey to the dentist for cleaning became a trip to Branson for x-rays etc. In June no less.

Enjoy the classes. I also hope to go to DKC next week. I've only made it to the March one so far this year.

Are you going for Pitch and Knit?