Is Anne Hanson Calling to the Scot in Me?

Exams started today for Number One Son. The desk (we share) looks like a bomb went off on it, around it, underneath it. He tells me he knows where everything is and not to move anything or he won't be able to find it. I'm not sure how his soccer shorts and a large role of painter's tape - found lying amidst the spectacular array of crumpled papers is part of studying but anyway... I've taken pains this morning to do everything I have to in the vicinity of said desk to facilitate my avoidance of this area this afternoon while he's "in residence" so to speak. This is just a quick post before he gets home - any minute now - then I'll retreat to my lovely laundry room to iron (and maybe peek at a knitting pattern or two or rummage through the stash with Brenda's helpful comment from yesterday in mind) for as long as he's hitting the books.

After my little rant of a blog post yesterday about how nothing appeals to me in knit pattern land I thought I should admit I do love what Anne Hanson has been designing and releasing in the past several weeks. (That's as long as I've been following her blog but I bet there's more good stuff yet to discover in the archives!)

In fact one pattern in particular has been haunting me..."Fernfrost" stole.

Okay, more than one - the pearl grey Hillflowers stole also appeals to me!

As does the cardigan "Ondule"

And today I saw another cardigan - "Highlander".

In her comments on Highlander she admits to feeling a strong affinity to all things Scottish - maybe that's why her lace appeals to me when lace generally leaves me cold. (Literally, I can't get into knits with lots of holes) her designs are speaking to the Scot in me!

Okay that's all I can take of "our" desk - off I go to the serenity of of "MY" Laundry room!


Sandra said...

ooo, I like Highlander! (that's the Scot in me talking...)
And when you're finished your ironing, you're welcome to come over and do mine...

knitspot anne said...

awww, thank you marie! sometimes trying lace in different yarn weights can make it very appealing; even my husband wears it now . . .

Michele said...

Wow, thanks for the connection to Anne's blog. I love the patterns. I'm so sorry you can't find anything that appeals to you except for all these LOL. What do you think you'll choose? I love the highlander. I've been looking for a pattern to knit up for my sister and this looks perfect. I'll need to read it more.

Tina said...

Good luck for your son! Hope you had fun ironing!!! (in our house it's him do does the laundry and ironing - and I am so glad about it)
Thanks for those links to that new-to-me blog, I love knitspot, the blog, what she knits and what she designs. Have to get back there! (Not that I have not enough knitting projects already on my waiting list or enough blogs I already follow…)