You want a Mullet?!

Today is "Crazy Hair Day" at Number One Son's school so last night chez Sel & Poivre it was crazy hair cutting night.

I did not even try to capture the event on film. Don't worry, I didn't destroy an otherwise perfectly good hair cut - his current "do" is what has grown out of his latest full head shave which was done last summer and which, to use my Beloved's parlance,  and was "right down to the wood". Before I had at it last night it looked like all the other boys he goes to school with - longish, over his ears with the little flips at the sides. Needless to say, the little flips are no more. he couldn't wait to get to school to enjoy every one's reaction. That boy is nothing if not bursting with confidence!

The hair event (combined with the house league soccer practice/ I was so distracted by the prospect of getting a homemade mullet I forgot my cleats at school even though the last words you said to me this morning were "don't forget your soccer shoes" so now we have to go back to the school before soccer" event) really messed with my knitting time last night. Especially as it was followed up with the "wait in the parking lot for the coach who never showed up and drive home in rush hour traffic without getting the planned and much anticipated hour to knit during the practice" event. 

Bottom line - I've got a heel and no hair cuts on the horizon for tonight. Here's to hoping!

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Lorraine said...

My son has not had a haircut in 7 years.

Guys are alot more confident- I say, go for it, and have fun.